Get cheaper cable service with these 5 strategies

October 9, 2015

Cable companies compete fiercely for your dollars. We'll give you some insider tips for gaining a competitive edge when it comes to getting the best cable TV and internet prices.

Get cheaper cable service with these 5 strategies

1. Use your loyalty as leverage

  • Because of marketing costs, it can cost a cable company 10 times more to recruit a new customer than to retain an old one.
  • Use this fact to your advantage the next time you find yourself dissatisfied with your service. Simply say that you'll take your business elsewhere.
  • Chances are that your provider will address the problem, and they may even give you a deal on your cable rate.

2. Start over with a signing bonus

  • Since most cable companies don't make you sign a contract, you can cancel your service (often without penalty) and then sign up again the next day to take advantage of sign-up incentives such as reduced fees or six months of free premium channels.
  • Better yet, just call the provider and say that you're going elsewhere unless they offer you the new-customer rates.

3. Shop around

If there are multiple cable service providers in your area, call around for the lowest price. If your current provider's price is relatively high, quote the lowest competitor's price (including incentives). Chances are that they'll match or beat that price to keep your business.

4. Get the credit you deserve for service interruptions

Every now and then, you may experience trouble or interruptions with your cable TV or cable-based internet service. The next time your service goes out, don't just settle for restored service: ask for credit. If you don't have luck with the first customer-service representative, keep asking for a supervisor.

5. Don’t buy services you don’t need

  • All cable companies offer a range of packages with names like basic, standard, and premium, with each step up adding more channels and additional cost. Take a very close look at the channels offered at each level and compare them to the channels you actually watch.
  • Most people only watch 10 or so channels regularly, so you may discover that you're paying for a lot of channels that you never use. Try a package with fewer channels.

Cable and internet bills can be quite pricey, but you can save some money by using these simple tips. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your provider! In the end, they want to keep you as a customer. Make sure that you're getting the best prices possible and not overpaying for unnecessary services.

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