Get on target and buy the right nail gun for your project

January 15, 2015

Replacing your hammer with a nail gun can save you time and energy. Nail guns offer precision and consistency while making your task easier. Find out more about the types of nail guns that are available and how they can work for your next project.

Get on target and buy the right nail gun for your project

Types of nail guns

Nail guns are available in several types, often named for the job they are designed for:

Pin nailer: Pin nailers are best for furniture and other light woodworking.

Flooring nailer: These nailers are built to sit perfectly against the floor for precise angles.

Roofing nailer: The roofing nailer is best for roofing because of its lightweight and easy-to-handle construction.

Framing nailer: These nailers are built to be powerful with wider nails for dense and load-bearing woods, such as those found in building frames.

Finishing nailer: These nailers are built for lighter jobs, like nailing trims and molding.

Brad nailer: These lightweight models are best for carpentry and other smaller woodworking jobs like nailing small trims or upholstery.


Consider nail gun features that help make your next job easier.

  • Adjustable nail depth: Nail guns can be adjusted by hand or with a tool to change how deep the nail will be forced into the surface.
  • Adjustable exhaust plates: Moving these plates allows you to direct the exhaust, which is especially useful in areas with dust or light debris.
  • Jam clearing mechanism: Most nail guns jam at some point, so it is best to have a fast and easy jam clearing mechanism.
  • Adjustable nail size: Using a simple tool that may be included with your nail gun, you can quickly adjust the nail gun to accommodate different nail sizes.

Factors to consider when buying

Power sources: Specific nail guns work with either pneumatic, battery or electrical power sources. Pneumatic nail guns are reliable and will be precise even with dense surfaces, but they require an air compressor and air hose to operate. Cordless nail guns run on a battery to eliminate the need for an air hose or cord, but they may be more expensive for the same amount of power as their counterparts. Electric nail guns are lightweight, easy to handle and inexpensive, but they are not suitable for heavier jobs.

Maintenance: Consider the maintenance required by each nail gun before purchasing. For example, pneumatic nail guns often need to be oiled before use.

When you're in the middle of a grueling project, you'll want a reliable nail gun that gets it right the first time. Know the best type of nail gun for the projects you're doing and the features you want before buying a new nail gun. Whether you've got 10 nails or 100, you'll be glad you upgraded from your hammer to the power and ease of a nail gun.

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