3 reasons to try glamping this summer

Enjoying the great outdoors by "roughing it" isn't everybody's idea of a peaceful holiday. That's where luxury camping comes in.

3 reasons to try glamping this summer

Luxury camping resorts are so popular right now that they even have a new word for it – glamping. If you don’t want to rough it in the great outdoors but still want to enjoy the fresh air in style, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

Upscale retreat

We all need an escape from the bustling city but for some, it’s not worth it to sacrifice comfort for nature. Some of the top luxury camping resorts have tapped into this niche and now provide a different kind of Zen for those who want to experience adventure and solace in nature with style.

Resorts offer a variety of features such as giant pre-pitched tents, teepees, treehouse and yurt-style accommodations. These options have transformed the conventional camping experience into one that is beautiful and breathtaking.


Much like the very imaginative measures that some of the top luxury camping resorts have taken to the overall experience of glamping, the same attention to detail is evident in the types of activities included in the itinerary. Wine tasting? Check. Animal watching? Check. Anything and everything you can think of that comes with luxury and camping is available.


Any responsibility that comes with a conventional camping trip can be taken away since everything you need is available at your fingertips including beds, gas, electricity, fridge, coffee makers, laundry and even a spa.

Best of all, you’re in middle of the most breathtaking views of nature ever imaginable. It’s the ultimate way to relax while experiencing the beauty and tranquility of nature that you've been craving.

It’s no surprise that the glamping experience offered by some of the top luxury camping resorts is a popular choice among nature lovers. There are many variations of glamping experiences offered by luxury camping resorts all over the world. The amenities and price ranges are endless, so the perfect oasis for your glamping experience is waiting for you

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