Get to know the different kinds of lawn mowers

June 30, 2015

Here are some basic facts about the different types of walk-behind and vehicular mowers.

Get to know the different kinds of lawn mowers

Walk-behind mowers

There are three types of mowers suited to small or suburban lawns.

1. Push reel mower

Features: Blades on a revolving reel give a precise cut. Requires no energy — except your own — and is non-polluting, low maintenance, quiet and economical.

Lawn Size: Lawns of a few square metres to 1,000 square metres. Good for fine-bladed grasses; hard to use in tall grass.

Cutting Path: 35 to 45 cm

2. Electric mower 

Features: Rotating blades give a good cut; runs quietly on regular household current or a rechargeable battery; folds for easy wall storage.

Lawn Size: Small to midsize lawns 1,000 square metres or less; may clog when used on over grown or wet grass.

Cutting Path: 40 to 50 cm

3. Self-propelled rotary mower

Features: Motor drives two wheels as well as the blade for ease of operation; heavier than electric mowers but less costly and widely available.

Lawn Size: Flat lawns of 2,000 to 4,000 square metres or smaller lawns that are hilly.

Cutting Path: 45 to 60 cm

Vehicular mowers

These three mowers are useful for large lawns, farms or estates.

1. Riding mower

Features: Smallest type, with six- to 12-horsepower mid- or rear-mounted engine; centre or front mower deck with two or three rotary blades.

Lawn Size: Lawns of 3,000 square metresor more, or smaller lawns if you want or need the convenience of riding.

Cutting Path: 65 to 90 cm

2. Lawn tractor

Features: Front-mounted 12- to 15-horsepower engine and centre mower deck; most run on regular gas, some on diesel.

Lawn Size: Hilly lawns of more than 8,000 square metres; hard to use on small lawns.

Cutting Path: 90 to 110 cm

3. Garden tractor

Features: Front-mounted 15- to 30-horsepower engine with mower towed at rear; attachments for tilling, aerating and other tasks.

Lawn Size: Estate-size lawns, farmsteads or vast and varied terrain.

Cutting Path: 1.5 m

Your options

Understating the options for both walk-behind and vehicular mowers can help you decide which is the right machine for your lawn.

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