Unlocking 3 locksmith services

November 25, 2014

There are several reasons you may need a locksmith, so it’s a good idea to get to know the services they offer. Read on to find out.

Unlocking 3 locksmith services

Locksmiths are the people to call when you need anything related to a lock on your house. Whether you need a new lock put on, an old lock re-keyed or anything else to do with a lock, you probably want to call a locksmith. That's why you might want to keep the number of a trustworthy locksmith handy.

Here are some of the more common services offered by locksmiths

1. Help getting back in to your house when you’ve been locked out

It’s happened to the best of us. For whatever the reason, most of us have gotten locked out of our houses at some point or another. And unless you have a friend or family member with a spare key (and you have the means of contacting that person), you will need to call a locksmith to get back into your house. The good news is that locksmiths are specially trained and capable of opening most kinds of locks.

2. Re-keying your current lock

This is a less expensive alternative to getting an entirely new lock. What is it? It’s basically when you change the pattern of the current lock to make all existing keys inoperative. There are several reasons you would want to do this:

- If you just bought a house and want to be sure there aren’t people out there you don’t know who have a working key to your house.

- If you are a landlord and you have new tenants. Re-keying a lock — or getting a new lock entirely — is the responsible thing to do.

- If you have a crazy ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend with a key to your house. You’ll definitely want to do something about that.

3. The service call

If there’s something wrong with your lock, but you don’t know what exactly, you can always call a locksmith to come by for a service call. He or she will probably charge you by the hour, which is totally reasonable, because he won’t know what’s wrong until he has a look in person.

Unlike portable items such as laptops or food blenders, door locks are not the type of things that you can bring with you to a store or service centre for someone to look over. Locks are more in the category of things like dishwashers, where someone has to come to your house to assess and fix the problem. But the bottom line is that in the world we’re living in, we need locks on our doors. So a service call is worth the money.

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