Getting the most out of hotels and room service

December 17, 2014

Before you book your stay, check out these tips for finding the best hotels with room service.

Travelling can sometimes feel like a gruelling task, so finding the best hotels and room service can relieve any traveller’s woes. When you’re looking for a luxurious hotel or a simple bed and breakfast, room service plays a crucial role in the overall experience of any vacationer.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help find a hotel that not only provides you with the room that best suits you, but the service that will fulfill your every demand.

Getting the most out of hotels and room service

Bang for your buck

When researching a hotel, make sure you look for or ask about the different types of rooms available. Sometimes a little extra can get you much more in a room. For instance, paying more might get you a mini-kitchenette, Jacuzzi tub or a living room. Depending on who you’re travelling with or your preferences these extras could relieve possible travelling woes.

This also goes for finding a hotel; a pricier hotel might save you that extra bus or train fare to the sightseeing spots of the city. If possible, call the hotel to ask about shuttle services, as some provide free or discounted shuttles to the popular areas of the city.


When vacationing, travellers usually plan on enjoying the town. However, sometimes a nasty sickness creeps up on you or you’d prefer a lazy day in. Choosing hotels and room service can make any stay-in, another great day in your travel adventures. To help plan for this, finding a hotel with great room service is key.

Room service can range from providing guests with necessities such as toothbrushes, more shampoo or additional towels, to fulfilling the craving of a perfectly cooked prime rib. Make sure you know what type of room service is available at your hotel.

Being stuck sick in a hotel only to find out you’re unable to order a hot bowl of soup or that you’re now going to be charged for the additional three towels you asked for can make or break your stay. So when choosing your hotel don’t be afraid to ask how far the hotel will bend to accommodate your needs.

Winding down

Whether you plan on seeing every site, visiting every pub in the city, or staying in to use the amenities of the hotel, each travel day will end in the same place, your hotel room. The room itself and the room service the hotel provides should never be the headache of your travel. So research your hotel and their room service because even if they provide an additional service or feature in your room a vacation is unpredictable but you don’t want these things to be.

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