Gift ideas for the avid or beginner golfer in your life

November 3, 2015

Golfing is a popular sport for good reason: it takes a unique combination of skill, strength and focus. You likely know an avid golfer. If you don't know how to buy gifts for the avid golfer in your life, there are a few things you need to know.

Gift ideas for the avid or beginner golfer in your life

1. Golf ball accessories

Golf balls, tees, and covers are practical gift items that golfers will use. What about a golf ball cleaner or a golfing watch? Tool kits are also handy items that include gadgets for golfing. For those who like to be able to identify their balls easily, give a monogrammer, which will allow your golfer to mark them.

2. Golf sportswear

The sport of golf requires specialized clothing, which make for a great present. If the golf player in your life is in need of some, look out for golfing gloves, which come in handy on cold days.

Don't forget an umbrella for rainy days and a cap for sunny days. Golfing sweaters are popular as are socks and golf shoes. Remember to check out the rain wear items which are useful to all weather golfers.

3. Golf clubs

If your golfer is a beginner, iron or wood clubs make an ideal gift.

4. Novelty items

The golfing world is full of fun items for the golfer. Shoppers can find pen sets in the shape of golf clubs, chocolate golf balls and even soap. You can also find golf-themed notebooks, towels, socks, pompom covers for drivers and sunglasses.

5. Continuing education

Golfers love to learn new techniques. Look out for instructional golfing books, or books on the history of famous golfers and about courses. You can also find gift voucher for lessons if you are buying for a beginner golfer. Vouchers are available for high-end golf courses.

There are many creative ideas and gifts for golfers that range from the practical to the novelty. Choose something that appeals to the golfer in your life.

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