Go green by choosing the waterless car wash

Washing your car can use up a lot of water, from the pre-wash hose-down to the final rinse. What can you do to use up less water? Try the waterless car wash.

Go green by choosing the waterless car wash

The waterless car wash is an answer to the regular car wash and its water waste. It’s essentially a chemical car wash, but there are many eco-friendly options available out there that use plant-based and biodegradable ingredients. Waterless car washes are not entirely waterless. You’ll still need a small bucket of water, though you certainly won’t be using a hose.

Why go waterless

In Canada, we’re lucky to have access to clean drinking water, but we can be pretty wasteful with it. From watering lawns to washing cars, we could afford to be more careful. Why not strike a balance between enjoying life’s little pleasures, such as keeping your car looking pristine, and being mindful by using only as much of we need, including water?

Choose safe products

Not all cleaners are created equally. Some cleaners that don’t require a lot of water will be harsh and essentially spew dangerous chemicals into the environment. If you’re washing your car regularly, you’ll also be exposing yourself and potentially your family to these chemicals.

Also, eco-friendly cleaners that aren’t made for your car shouldn’t be used. They may be inefficient or too abrasive, leaving swirl marks on your car’s paint job.

Plant-based cleaners

Go eco-friendly by avoiding petroleum and silicone-based chemicals. Look for products that are labeled as biodegradable. In going green, you’ll also want to look for eco-minded packaging, from recycled plastic bottles to shipping-friendly bottles (like square ones) and more.

Products you can find

  • Waterless car wash soap
  • Heavy duty spot cleaner
  • Interior multi-purpose cleaner
  • Tire shine
  • Rinseless shine
  • Natural gloss detailer
  • Odor eliminator

Go clean and green all the way

Being mindful extends to your use of brushes and towels too. Keep them tidy and wash them afterwards so they last longer. They can be reused many times, but make sure to use them for the same tasks next time in case any residue is left. This will give you better results.

All in all, going green is not that difficult and more and more products are becoming available every day. For more information on waterless car washing, contact businesses in your area that sell these products. They’ll know what their clients have to be more effective!

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