Guide to buying a comfortable recliner chair

January 23, 2015

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like relaxing in your favourite reclining chair. Your recliner should fit your lifestyle in terms of design, material and features. Here’s how to get what you want while staying in your budget.

Types of recliners

Traditional recliner: A traditional recliner chair has two positions: reclined and upright. Position can be changed by pushing a lever or by pushing back on the chair. They’re the most common and affordable recliners and come with a wide variety of options.

Rocking or glider recliner: Rocker recliners combine a rocking chair and traditional recliner. Consider a rocker recliner for the nursery, where you can stay comfortable while lulling your baby back to sleep.

Power recliner: Power recliners plug into the wall, so the reclining is done at the touch of a button. These recliners are designed for people with mobility issues.

Massage chair: A comfy recliner is good, but what if your chair could also give you a massage? These recliners have mechanical parts that vibrate and knead out stress in your back muscles. If you decide on a massage chair, bear in mind they’re quite expensive and usually very heavy.


Extra features can make your chair look and feel better.

Fabric upholstery: Wool, cotton microfibre and polyester are common upholstery materials, each of which can better suit your needs and your home’s décor. Wool is probably the most durable, but it’s expensive and will fade in the sun. If you're worried about stains, microfibre is probably the easiest to clean.

Leather: Leather recliners are the mainstay of luxurious relaxation, but they’re expensive and require regular care. If you have your heart set on a leather recliner, you can save some money with a vinyl-leather blend. These recliner chairs use a special vinyl that looks like leather on parts that aren’t usually seen.

Removable back: Reclining chairs with removable backs are easier to move around. Simply take out the back and reposition your chair.

Adjustable pads: For the most custom fit, look for chairs with adjustable pads.

Factors to consider when buying a recliner

Space is the biggest concern when looking for a new recliner. Recliners come in standard size and chair-and-a-half lounge chairs. Larger recliners are enjoyed by larger and smaller people alike. Look for wall-saver chairs if space is an issue. Instead of the standard three feet most recliners need to fully extend, wall savers only need a few inches so you won’t bump into anything when you want to lean back.

You armchair is your throne. It's the chair you look forward to relaxing on after a long day. Consider the different types of recliners and their features to help you find a recliner chair that suits you and your home.

Guide to buying a comfortable recliner chair
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