Guidelines to get the benefits from raising goats

Keeping goats is possible with just a small amount of land and minimal facilities. Care for your animals properly and they will give back in return. Here are the best ways to make your animals happy which will provide you with better benefits.

Guidelines to get the benefits from raising goats

Goats don't need 5 star accommodations

Shelter for one or two milking goats can be kept simple. It needs to be draught-free and well bedded.  Keep it cool as a goat that is unnaturally warm for a while is more likely to get sick.

Goats need room to roam

Provide access from the barn to a fenced-in outdoor area for browsing and exercise. The fence must be at least 1.2 metres (four feet) high. If you have no fenced area, you can tether your goats, but only as a last resort. It limits access to food and reduces exercise  which in turn will lower milk production.

Goats need proper pasture to graze

The ground where goats pasture needs to be well drained to avoid foot rot. They should have access to shade and to temporary shelter from wind and rain. If possible, include a large boulder or other object for the goat to climb on within the exercise area. Rocks are useful to help keep the goat's feet trimmed.

Goats are excellent lawnmowers as they will eat almost anything including grassy undergrowth. In order to get the most benefit from these animals you need to keep their living areas maintained so they can live long and produce great tasting milk.

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