Hair extensions offer a world of possibilities for thin and short hair

November 18, 2013

Want to change your look instantly? You’d love a voluptuous hairstyle but don’t have the patience to let your hair grow out? Try hair extensions!

Hair extensions offer a world of possibilities for thin and short hair
  • There’s nothing like hair extensions for creating the hairstyle of your dreams, whether your natural hair is thin, short or unable to hold a style no matter what products you rub into it.
  • Extensions let you get a look that is worthy of the great Hollywood stars without having to have your own personal stylist on hand every day.

Quality extensions

  • For a style that truly looks good and natural, your hair extensions have to be good quality.
  • It might cost a bit more, but always opt for natural hair; it can be cut and coloured, curled with a curling iron and straightened with a flat iron.
  • You’ll also want to be sure your extensions harmonize perfectly with your shade and texture of hair.
  • Pay attention to the comments you get—if no one notices that you’re wearing hair extensions, your mission is accomplished!

Adjust your cut

  • To avoid variations between your own hair and the extensions, your hair will have to be thinned out frequently so that the extensions blend in well.
  • Hair extensions should lay flat on the scalp and you shouldn’t be able to see where they join your own hair.
  • That is why it’s usually necessary to adjust your haircut on a regular basis.
  • Because these trims have to blend with your natural hair growth patterns, it is essential that the work be done by a professional hairdresser.

Length, volume and fun

  • As well as giving added length, hair extensions give extra volume.
  • They can be used to create an asymmetric cut or to add bangs, while coloured extensions add a touch of fun.
  • They can also fill in a bride’s hairdo for a more glamorous effect, whether she’s wearing a chignon or leaving her hair down.
  • And if your hair tends to be thin and wispy, your extensions will give you volume like you’ve never had.

Attachment techniques

  • Double knot: The first hair extensions to appear on the market were heavy and attached to the hair with a double knot.
  • After this, the gluing method made its appearance, but the use of heating elements damaged the natural hair. These days, extensions are extremely comfortable and have a natural look.
  • You can find good quality, resilient extensions in most hair salons.
  • It can take between 30 and 60 minutes for them to be attached, and even at that, the cost of this service remains reasonable.
  • Hot fusion: The most popular method of attaching extensions today is by fusion. Hot fusion (bonding) uses hot glue to attach the extension pieces to the natural hair.
  • Cold fusion, a gentler procedure, uses a keratin polymer to attach the extensions to the root.
  • Other techniques are also used, including weaving.
  • Another, more temporary, option is to use clip-on extensions; these can be attached easily and quickly to add wow factor to a hairdo and are removed before going to bed.

Hair extensions are for everyone

  • Hair extensions are no longer the personal reserve of the rich and famous.
  • A must for any fashionista, they are accessible to all women, and even to men.
  • Ask for more information about the possibilities at your hair salon.
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