Handy hints for hosiery wear and care

Read on for these five hints about how to keep hosiery in good condition and your lingerie smelling pretty.

Handy hints for hosiery wear and care

Prevent runs

You'll get a lot more wear from pantyhose if you first soak them for 30 minutes in a solution of 125 grams (½ cup) of salt dissolved in one litre (one quart) of water. Rinse and drip dry. When you don't have time for pre-treating, soak the pantyhose in salt water after use and then wash. Either way, the salt strengthens nylon fibres, making them less likely to tear.

Lengthen the life

Dampen a pair of panty hose and place them in a sealable plastic bag in the freezer. Remove the frozen hose, then defrost (not in the microwave please) and drip dry. Freezing the fibres hardens them, and your panty hose will last through many more wearings.

Soften to avoid runs

Rinsing panty hose with a drop or two of fabric softener in the water is a good anti-run tactic. The fabric softener makes the nylon mesh more stretchable and less prone to runs caused by tautness. To dry, roll the hose in a towel instead of ringing them out and hanging them.

Nip runs in the bud

If you don't have clear nail polish to stop a run in its tracks, rub a small amount of liquid soap along the run's top, bottom and sides. The soap hardens into a barrier as it dries, preventing the run from continuing on its path. Rubbing a bar of wet soap over the run also works.

Perfume your lingerie

You've just dabbed the last drop of your favourite perfume on your wrist, and you're sorry you don't have anymore. But you can still enjoy its fragrance if you put the empty bottle in your lingerie drawer. The scent will waft up each time you open the drawer and will perfume your underclothes as well.

No more frustration at buying endless amounts of pantyhose that don't last long. These helpful hints will keep your hosiery looking great for long-term wear.

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