4 reasons to get your auto glass tinted

September 19, 2014

Auto glass tinting can protect your skin from UV rays, add style to your ride and keep your car up to 78 per cent cooler. Here's what you need to know.
An hour or two at your auto glass installer’s shop will help you preserve your health, comfort and the condition of your car – all while protecting your privacy as well.When you get your auto glass tinted, you:

  1. Protect yourself from UV rays while you stay cool:Your health may not be the first thought you have about tinting your car windows. Yet, protecting your skin from up to 99 per cent of damaging UV rays makes auto window tinting a good investment. Studies report that drivers are more at risk for skin cancer on their left arm and left side of their face. Besides remembering your sunscreen, the experts say tinting your auto glass helps too. You can’t beat that combination of safety and comfort.
  2. Make your ride look cool:Turn down the air conditioning and look cool in your car at the same time. Choose from the newest colours and shades to spice up your ride’s look. Add some mystery to even your sedan or SUV while blocking rays that can fade and even crack your interior’s carpet, dashboard, and fabric or leather upholstery.
  3. Cut the glare and see better when you drive, day or night:Beautiful, sunny days are a pleasure. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy them while driving, too? Do you have trouble seeing in traffic on bright days, even with sunglasses? Auto glass tinting on your windshield can cut the glare. The same goes for night driving. The scare of being blinded by oncoming headlights is more than a feeling; it’s a danger. Why not protect your safety and your eyes with tinting film on your vehicle’s windshield and back window?
  4. Stop the vandalism of smash-and-grab thieves:You know better than to keep expensive electronics in plain view on your car seat, but your vehicle’s CD or DVD player can invite thieves to smash and grab. A darker shade of tint on your auto windows obscures the vandal’s view and saves your valuables.

Choose the auto glass shade and look you want
Update your vehicle’s look with your choice from four auto glass shades. Your options are based on how much light the tinted film lets into your car, truck or SUV: films range from 50 percent which lets in the most light to 5 per cent, which is the darkest, “limo” tint. Be sure to stick to a percentage that is legally acceptable in your area.

Turn to the reputable auto glass experts
Ready to tint your vehicle’s windows? Ask a respected auto glass specialist in your area. Expert installers know the window tinting regulations for your province and cover their work with a warranty.

4 reasons to get your auto glass tinted
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