Heating options for an outdoor patio

November 3, 2015

Outdoor patio heating options for winter entertaining

To help you create enough warmth for outdoor areas even in the heart of winter, take a look at the following outdoor patio heating suggestions.

Heating options for an outdoor patio

1. An outdoor fireplace

Whether it's wood or gas that you're burning, an outdoor fireplace adds charm as well as an effective source of heat to both covered and uncovered patios. Even when it's chilly outside, guests and family members can gather around the roaring flames and soak up the heat being radiated by the outdoor fireplace. Usually made of stone, outdoor fireplaces are built right into existing patio set ups. They need to be strategically placed to utilize the space and reach the maximum number of people.

Another form of outdoor fireplace that also works well with patios is the Chiminea, an earthenware standalone fireplace. This fireplace can be set up on the patio, and it provides great results even in windy weather, as the round design protects the flames from the wind.

2. A stand-up electric heater

Used at many restaurants with outside seating during the cold season, stand-up electric heaters are one of the most convenient heating options for an outdoor patio. Easy to store in a shed or basement when not in use, these overhead heaters shower you with warmth from above as you sit at a table or on an easy chair. For larger events like group dinners, you may need more than one electric heater to keep the entire party warm, since each heater only successfully heats up the area in its immediate radius. The advantage to this type of heating system is that it can be moved around, set up and used with little to no preparation.

3. Infrared heaters

Those homeowners who plan on using their outdoor patio frequently during the winter may want to invest in an infrared patio heater. These custom-designed systems are built right into existing patio structures, and they are energy efficient and able to heat large outdoor areas simultaneously. You will want to consider that infrared outdoor heating systems can range greatly in size, price and quality. They also usually need to be installed by a professional.

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