Holey moley! 10 Canadian doughnuts to die for

February 16, 2017

by Julie Bruns

If you don’t have a doughnut bucket list yet, it’s high time you started one. Look past the big chains and ignore the chocolate dips, Boston creams and crullers – there’s a realm of truly unique and delectable doughnuts waiting to be discovered (and devoured!) if you know where to look. This list highlights offerings from a cross-Canadian selection of local doughnut purveyors that may just inspire a road trip, or at least a local detour to the one nearest you. [Image credit: iStock.com/sara_winter]

Holey moley! 10 Canadian doughnuts to die for

1. Orange Honey Pistachio – Lucky’s Doughnuts – Vancouver

The bold combination of tangy orange with sweet honey and salty pistachio gives you a trifecta of deliciousness when you bite into this mouth-watering dessert. Drop by either of the two Lucky’s locations in Vancouver to discover it for yourself. It will rock your world.

2. Cherry Amaretto with Toasted Almonds – Oh Doughnuts – Winnipeg

You’ll go nuts for Oh Doughnuts’ almond-topped ring of sweet dough (pun fully intended). The cherry amaretto icing lends a just-sweet-enough balance to make this one a true standout. Drop by their Broadway and Hargrave location or try your luck at one of a number of cafés  around town that serve these delicious creations.

3. Maple Bacon – Lee’s Donuts - Vancouver

This doughnut makes a fierce Canadian statement with its marriage of savoury bacon and sweet maple icing. Tucked away in a corner of Vancouver’s Granville Island Market, Lee’s draws in the crowds with its fresh, flavourful doughnuts. Grab one or grab a dozen – they’re the perfect snack to fuel your wanders around the island.

4. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla – Jelly Modern Doughnuts – Calgary and Toronto

Bourbon meets vanilla in this enticingly exotic dessert choice, available at Jelly Modern in Calgary and Toronto. Remember to snap a pic before you take a bite; you’ll want to brag about this one to your foodie friends on Instagram.

5. Caramel Salt n’ Pepa – Von Doughnuts – Toronto

Caramel and salt and pepper and...wait, what? The surprising mix of spices on top of this sticky doughnut perfectly tempers the sweet caramel, making every bite blissful. But don’t take it from us. Pay a visit to Von Doughnuts at their Danforth location in Toronto and try it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

6. Ponki aux Prunes – Wawel Patisserie – Montreal

How good is this prune-stuffed, Russian-inspired glazed doughnut? Just good enough that Wawel claims it’s the best in the world. No big deal. This may sound like an exaggeration, but there’s just one way to find out. See you in line at Wawel!

7. Toast and Butter – Glory Hole Doughnuts – Toronto

Ok, so toast and butter on its own is not exactly exotic, but a toast and butter flavoured doughnut? That’s a combination that bewilders, then delights the taste buds at this Toronto-based bakery. Set aside your initial skepticism and give this one a try. With brown butter icing, sweet breadcrumbs and cinnamon, you’ll be happy you did. And no one will blame you if you happen to pick up one or more of Glory Hole’s many other mouth-watering flavours while you’re there.

8. Churro doughnuts – Che Churro – Montreal

There’s nothing that says a doughnut has to be round to be awesomely delicious, and Che Churro is all the proof of this we need. They take their doughnut inspiration straight from Argentina, crafting cinnamon-and-sugar-dusted churros for a little taste of South America right in the heart of Montreal. Paired with a hot chocolate or a strong coffee, this is a treat you won’t soon forget.

9. Simpsons Doughnut – Apiecalypse Now! – Toronto

Other doughnuts may be inspired by exotic flavours from around the world, but this one has been plucked from the other-worldly realms of cartoon fame. Apiecalypse Now! plates the iconic Simpsons-style doughnut featuring vibrant pink glaze and sprinkles – a creation Homer would most certainly approve of.

10. Honey Doughnuts – Deep Cove, B.C.

Heavy and chunky, these doughnuts may look ordinary from the outside, but inside, their flavour warrants a spot on this list. They may not blend unusual toppings or glamorous fillings, but somehow, Honey Doughnuts still taste like no other you’ve had before. Word is they taste even better after a hike up nearby Quarry Rock.

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