Home remedies for women's reproductive health

July 29, 2015

A woman's reproductive system has a major impact on her life. Her complex hormonal balance may be disrupted as she progresses from the onset of periods to childbearing to menopause. Here are some time-tested remedies.

Home remedies for women's reproductive health

Women have the exciting ability to create new life, but the hormones that control the reproductive cycle can trigger discomfort. Fortunately, there are a number of traditional ways to combat these kinds of pain.

Menstrual discomfort

Breast pain, bloating, acne, cramps and a feeling of intense irritability — these are just a few of the symptoms that may signal the start of your period. And often, once your period arrives, the discomfort is ramped up even further.

  • Monk's pepper (chasteberry) has been used for gynecological conditions since the time of Hippocrates. It helps regulate hormonal balance, soothes the discomforts of PMS (such as breast tenderness and itchy skin), and even inhibits severe bleeding.
  • Warm foot, sitz and full baths increase comfort and reduce cramping. Additives might include relaxation-inducing lemon balm or lavender; chamomile or yarrow to counter severe bleeding; or thyme or hay flowers to bring on menstruation.
  • Massages can help ease pains and cramps: gently massage your lower abdomen and back with St. John's wort, evening primrose or lavender oil.
  • Tea made from shepherd's purse helps regulate severe menstrual bleeding.
  • Tea made from deadnettle soothes severe bleeding and cramps.
  • A tea made from valerian root, chamomile and peppermint, mixed in equal amounts, soothes severe bleeding accompanied by cramps.
  • Tea made from tansy and pot marigold helps stop cramping.
  • Tea made from rue and yarrow, mixed in equal amounts, may help regulate menstruation and eliminate pain.


Menopause generally hits women some time between the age of 45 and 55. The precipitous drop in hormones can also trigger a series of uncomfortable symptoms, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia and mood swings.

  • Various tea preparations help people get through menopause. St. John's wort tea stabilizes mood, valerian tea has a calming, balancing effect, sage tea reduces sweating attacks and lemon balm tea can help with sleep disturbances.
  • Contrast footbaths may help fend off those pesky hot flashes. Fill two foot basins with hay flowers or hops flowers and water — one hot (38°C/100°F) and the other cold (10°C/50°F). Alternate placing your feet in the warm water for five minutes, and the cold for 10 seconds.
  • Nutrition plays a role in hot flashes; eat plenty of fresh food and abstain from coffee, alcohol and nicotine, which can lower your estrogen levels.
  • Red beets contain substances that work like female sex hormones and can reduce menopausal discomfort.
  • Soy and red clover contain phytoestrogens — plant-based compounds that bear a chemical resemblance to estrogen. Asian women have long reaped the benefits of soy, making them far less prone to hot flashes. So by all means, incorporate soy milk, soy flour and tofu into your diet, or pick up some clover pills.


Although pregnancy is natural, it can be difficult for some women.

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, many women are plagued with morning sickness. This simple trick can help: take a package of cookies or soda biscuits to bed and nibble a few right after waking up in the morning. Then rise, have a leisurely breakfast, and sip some peppermint tea.
  • Stretch marks may appear on your breasts and your expanding belly. Gentle massages with jojoba or evening primrose oil keep your skin moist and elastic.
  • A warm wrap with lavender oil helps soothe breast tenderness.
  • Swimming or a gentle back massage can soothe pelvic pain.
  • Magnesium, found in wholegrain products and dried fruits, helps eliminate cramping in your calves.
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