Hotel regulations in Canada: Know your rights as a guest

November 3, 2014

Learn about common hotel regulations in Canada and become a more informed traveller. Your safety and well-being should never be compromised.

Have you planned an upcoming trip? Travelling locally or out of your province? If you will be staying in a hotel or inn, no matter the location or cost per night, these businesses are all governed by laws and regulations they must follow. Hotel regulations in Canada have some variations between provinces, but as a whole, they share similar guidelines. By knowing what rules and regulations must be followed, you can protect yourself from negligence and improper service.

Hotel regulations in Canada: Know your rights as a guest

Liability for lost and stolen goods

In most cases, hotels are not be fully liable for any lost or stolen goods during your stay unless the items were lost or stolen due to a willful act or neglect by the owner or staff. Keep this in mind and make sure your valuables stay with you at all times, like your passport, wedding rings and other irreplaceable items.

Hotel sanitary regulations

Did you know hotel rooms accommodating a single guest typically cannot be less than 100 square feet in size? They must also properly launder all towels, sheets and bedding used by previous guests before supplying them to a new guest. Another common regulation you might find comforting is that all rooms should be kept free of mice, bed bugs and certain other types of pests. Other sanitary guidelines involve plumbing systems, water supply, garbage handling, ventilation and much more.

Fire safety

Hotels must be compliant with local fire codes. If you have any questions about your hotel’s fire preparedness, you can speak with the hotel staff and also contact the local fire marshal.

Alcohol sales

If your hotel serves alcohol of any kind, they must maintain an up-to-date liquor license. The process of maintaining and acquiring these licenses varies between provinces, but if your hotel is serving alcohol without a license, they are breaking the law. Special occasion permits may be administered for certain events, such as weddings and conferences, which will be taking place on the hotel premises.

Other Canadian hotel regulations

As a highly regulated industry, the hotel businesses must follow a long list of regulations set forth by both federal and local government. There are rules about taxation, workplace safety, labour and much more. Having basic knowledge of these rules can give you an added sense of security when travelling. If you are interested in learning more about regulations, policies, and guidelines, you can always contact the hotel directly. If you still have questions, many provinces and cities have their own hotel associations, which may serve as excellent resources.

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