How displaying your valuables can improve your home decor

June 30, 2015

Almost everyone has a collection of cherished objects to display, whether it's porcelain, coins, or trophies. When displayed in a glass cabinet or case with the proper lighting, collectibles can greatly contribute to your home decor.

How displaying your valuables can improve your home decor

There are some fundamental factors to consider when it comes to displays, especially the case and lighting.

Display cases

You can easily create display cases of comic figures or cars for a child or adolescent's room — or your own.

  • Looking to display miniature items? With a bit of luck, you might find an original typesetter drawer or case (originally used to store printer's letters) at the flea market or on the Internet. Just search the name of the item online or look for it on an online auction site.
  • Keep in mind that presenting objects in open display cases has one major disadvantage: since the items are exposed to the air, they can easily become dusty. That means more work for you, and it could even damage the objects.
  • Keep valuable collector's items behind glass. In the old days, almost every living room had a glass cabinet for displaying precious crystal, porcelain figurines, coins, or pewter. These cabinets still work fine today, and make for an interesting design element in themselves because they are so rare and have a certain nostalgic appeal.


The way you light up your treasured knickknacks can play a big role in how attractive the display is. In fact, it can be worthwhile to install a special lighting system to properly offset your treasured collectibles. Here are a few pointers for showing off your belongings in the best light possible:

  • A lighted glass cabinet displays objects in the right light. You may also choose to highlight special pieces with small halogen spotlights.
  • A light shining directly from above can be harsh and unappealing — ideally light should be projected at a 60 degree angle.
  • Before choosing a lighting system, check that the display objects can tolerate the light without damage. Not all lights run cool enough for use in a display case, and some collectibles are sensitive to temperature and light.
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