How much does it cost to install a hot tub or spa?

November 24, 2017

Hot tub installation costs in Canada

A hot tub can be a great addition to your home, whether you put it indoors or out. Once you’ve purchased your hot tub, you’ll need to get it installed. How much will hot tub installation cost? Read on to find out the cost factors involved in installing a hot tub.

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How much does it cost to install a hot tub or spa?

Cost factors for installing a hot tub or spa

  • The cost of installing a hot tub or spa in Canada can range from $98 to $1,000, with the median cost coming in at $375.
  • The most expensive factor to take into consideration when installing a hot tub in Canada is the hot tub itself. Do you want a cozy hot tub for two or do you want to be able to accommodate guests?  Does your hot tub need underwater lighting, drink holders, built-in seats and jets, or an enclosing gazebo? Do you want a wooden hot tub or an acrylic hot tub? Most retailers will let you try out a hot tub in their showroom to get a better idea of which amenities will be important to you.
  • The next highest cost will be the cost of installation. An outdoor hot tub can be installed either on a wooden deck or a concrete pad. An indoor hot tub will require some remodeling costs to add extra ventilation and humidity controls, not to mention waterproof flooring in the room.
  • A hot tub will also require an electrical outlet, which can cost anywhere from $75 to $800.
  • While typically much less than the cost of the actual hot tub and installation, you’ll also need to consider the costs of your hot tub cover, chemicals, and the cost for delivery and transportation of your new hot tub in Canada. Hot tubs can weigh anywhere between 400 and 1,000 pounds and usually take 2-6 men to transport the tub onto the installation site. Be aware that a site inspection might also be necessary prior to delivery to ensure there’s enough room for your hot tub.
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