How much does the plumbing for a bathroom renovation cost in Canada?

August 29, 2017

Plumbing costs for a bathroom renovation in Canada

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and wondering how much it will cost to install a bathtub, shower faucet or bathroom sink? This YP Smart Tip will give you a clearer sense of what typical bathroom renovation costs are in Canada.

How much does the plumbing for a bathroom renovation cost in Canada?

Bathroom renovation cost distribution

The median cost split for this type of project is 60% for materials and 40% for labour. The median costs are $1,500 for materials and $990 for labour.

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Cost factors for installing the plumbing for a bathroom renovation

  • The cost of installing plumbing for a bathroom remodel in Canada can range from $125 to $61,040, with the average cost of this kind of project being $5,039.

Bathroom renovation cost control

  • Realtors in Canada know that bathroom upgrades can net homeowners a 100 per cent return on their investment at resale. If you’re trying to reconcile your wish list with your budget, choose your fixtures and materials carefully since they represent the largest chunk of your remodelling costs (and your biggest opportunity to find cost savings).
  • Labour costs can be reduced if you confine your remodel to replacing fixtures rather than changing their layout. Installing new pipes and drains to accommodate a new layout will increase the cost of labour. New fixtures, such as a whirlpool tub, may also require additional electrical and plumbing work.

Bathtub and shower installation costs

  • The most expensive part of a bathroom upgrade is the price of a new bathtub. Homeowners in Canada have many choices in bathtubs, from fibreglass and acrylic tubs at the lower end of the price range to cast iron and cultured marble at the higher end. If you only need cosmetic changes to your tub, you might find refacing the tub a less expensive option. Labour for getting a heavy marble tub to a second-floor bathroom or wedging a corner tub into a tight space may add to the cost to install a bathtub.
  • If you’re changing from a stand-alone shower to a shower/tub combination or changing a shower/tub to a luxurious stand-alone shower with a rainshower head, new pipe installations will be part of your installation cost. Installing add-ons such as a steam shower or multiple heads for a full-body shower will also add to the labour charges.

Bathroom sink installation costs

  • While usually much less than the cost of a new bathtub, the cost of a bathroom sink can vary from two figures to four figures, depending on whether you choose a standard bowl sink, a chic and compact pedestal sink or a trendy vessel sink. Again, the cost of installation may vary depending on whether new pipes and drains will be required and whether the plumber will have to cut into the drywall to install them.

Toilet installation costs

  • As with all the fixtures noted above, toilets also can be found at a variety of price points. Installation costs may vary from the standard if there are plumbing issues that require fixing leaks or replacing the wax ring seal.

Bathroom faucet installation costs

  • Many designers think of faucets as the jewellery or the accessories that give bathrooms a particular flair. Since faucets are usually the least expensive fixtures to buy, and installation is straightforward, you could get a lot of bang for your renovation buck by pairing a beautiful new faucet with your existing sink or tub.
  • Your plumber may also charge for hauling away old fixtures.
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