How much does it cost to repair an A/C unit in Canada?

November 24, 2017

A/C unit repair costs in Canada

There’s nothing worse that an air condioner that doesn’t keep you cool when the summer heat hits. So you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning unit is always working properly. Here’s a guide to the costs of repairing an air conditioner so you know what to expect when it’s time to get yours in proper working order.
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How much does it cost to repair an A/C unit in Canada?

Cost factors for repairing an A/C unit

  • The cost of repairing an air conditioning unit in Canada can range from $94 to $1,250, with the median cost coming in at $413.
  • Typically, in Canada, technicians who repair heating and air conditioning components do not charge by the hour but by the service provided. The cost of your air conditioner repair is usually more for materials such as system components, parts and refrigerant than for labour.
  • Generally, older A/C systems cost more to repair than newer ones. The average lifespan of air conditioning units sold in Canada is about 15 years and toward the end of that time, it is more likely that larger system components such as the compressor (the outdoor unit) or the evaporator coil (the indoor unit) need to be repaired or replaced. Before agreeing to what may be the first of a series of increasingly expensive repairs, you may wish to consider whether more savings are possible by replacing your unit with a more newer, more reliable and energy-efficient model.
  • Ideally, you would never need to replace the refrigerant in your air conditioning unit. However, you may find you need to “charge” the system with refrigerant if there is a leak. Your technician should detect and repair the leak or you will be paying to add more refrigerant in a few months. Finding and repairing the leak can be expensive, but, done correctly, it should prevent the need for laying out another couple of hundred dollars every summer to recharge the system with refrigerant.
  • Investing in component replacements or repairs to some parts such as the circuit board, capacitor, thermostat or even the condensing fan motor may help you get a few more good years from your system without a huge outlay.
  • A clogged drain line from the condenser is usually a fairly inexpensive and simple matter of clearing debris from the line.
  • If you see ice forming on the lines leading from your A/C unit, the culprit is most likely a clogged filter that’s restricting airflow. Save yourself the cost of a service call and repair charge by changing your air filters regularly, at least every three months.
  • Another pro tip to keep your air conditioner in good shape: seasonal tune-ups – these are small investments that prevent big bills.
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