How much does it cost to repair leaky pipes in Canada?

August 29, 2017

Leaky pipe repair costs in Canada

Are the pipes in your home leaking? Wondering how much it will cost to repair or replace your pipes? This YP Smart Tip breaks down the costs and explains the factors that determine how much you should expect to pay.

How much does it cost to repair leaky pipes in Canada?

Repairing leaking pipes: Cost distribution

The median cost split for this type of project is 32% for materials and 68% for labour. The median costs are $112 for materials and $237 for labour.

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Cost factors for repairing a leaky pipe

  • The cost of repairing leaky pipes in Canada ranges from $55 to $7,160. The average cost for this kind of work is $559.
  • Your plumber’s charges for the repair of leaky pipes begin with a base call-out charge for coming to your home. Some plumbers may charge extra for after-hours calls and for prioritized emergency service. In many Canadian communities, you may be able to find a plumber who offers 24/7 service with no additional charges for evening, weekend or emergency calls.
  • The base fee may vary depending on where you are in Canada. Plumbers in communities where there is plenty of competition may charge lower base fees. Plumbers may also be forced to charge for travelling long distances for repairs or charge higher fees in areas where the cost of living is generally high.
  • Most plumbers in Canada will charge an hourly fee for repairing leaky pipes, sometimes charging lower hourly rates for minor repairs and higher rates for more complex repairs such as a leaking sewer pipe.
  • While most leaks occur around fixtures such as faucets, some may occur at places where pipes intersect or through pinhole leaks somewhere along the length of the pipe itself. Your plumber may need to do some detective work, sometimes using a camera or infrared equipment to detect hidden wet spots. Costs for using such equipment usually increase the cost of repair.
  • A small hole along the length of a pipe is repaired by replacing the section of pipe affected. Leaks around fixtures may require some repairs to the fixtures themselves or the seals around them, which can increase the cost of the repair.
  • The materials charges for repairing a leaky pipe vary depending on the type of pipe that is being repaired. Copper pipes are considerably more expensive than plastic PEX pipes and installing copper pipes is also more labour intensive, since replacement sections of copper piping will have to be soldered into place.
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