How much does it cost to replace a sump pump in Canada?

August 23, 2017

Sump pump replacement costs in Canada

Basement flooding is no laughing matter, which is why you may be asking yourself: "How much does it cost to install a sump pump?" The costs can vary depending on a number of different factors. We break these down in this YP Smart Tip to give you a clearer indication of the cost to replace a sump pump.

How much does it cost to replace a sump pump in Canada?

Cost to install a sump pump: Cost distribution

The median cost split for this type of project is 63% for materials and 37% for labour. The median costs are $375 for materials and $225 for labour.

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Cost factors for replacing a sump pump

  • The cost to replace a sump pump in Canada can range from $50 to $7,840, with the average cost being $732.

Types of Sump Pump: Cost Implications

  • The largest portion of the cost of replacing a sump pump is the price of the sump pump itself. There are two types of sump pump: the submersible sump pump and the pedestal sump pump. There are pros and cons to both, but the submersible pump is generally more expensive and, since it must sit in the water in the sump pit, tends not to last as long as the pedestal pump. However, the submersible pump typically is more powerful and will remove water more thoroughly from your basement. The pedestal pump will not completely dry out your basement. Whatever pump you buy, you do pay for the quality of your sump pump: more powerful pumps will be more expensive.
  • A backup battery-operated pump that will operate even when the power is out is a good idea if you live in an area of Canada that has experienced repeated flooding or if you have a home office or valuable equipment and furnishings in your basement. Ask around to find a store that offers a combination package that includes two pumps.

Cost to Install a Sump Pump: Labour Costs

  • As with most plumbing repairs, labour costs for replacing a sump pump vary by region all over Canada. Replacing a sump pump costs less than installing one for the first time, since a new installation requires digging through concrete to create a sump pit. If you are replacing a pedestal pump with a submersible one, more labour is required to create the perimeter and drainage system that the submersible pump requires.
  • Pedestal pumps are generally easier to install since they are positioned on the floor. Submersible pumps have to be lowered into the sump pit. Depending on the location of your sump pit, if the plumber has to get in behind other parts of your home’s HVAC or plumbing units, the positioning of the sump pump can be more time-consuming and increase labour charges.

Insurance Coverage for Sump Pump Costs

  • If you are replacing a sump pump that has failed, your insurance may pay at least part of the cost of installing a new sump pump.
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