How much does it costs to install or replace a heat pump?

November 24, 2017

Heat pump installation or replacement costs in Canada

A heat pump can be a great way to keep your home warm, but how much does it cost to install a heat pump? There are a number of cost factors to consider when looking at installing or replacing a heat pump, and this tip breaks them down for you. Read on to find out more.

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How much does it costs to install or replace a heat pump?

Cost factors for installing or replacing a heat pump

  • The cost of installing or replacing a heat pump in Canada can range from $1,875 to $11,875, with the median cost coming in at $6,750.
  • The type of heat pump you choose to install will be your largest cost factor. Geothermal heat pumps are more expensive than air-source heat pumps, and there will be a price difference between split, packaged and dual-fuel systems as well.
  • Labour costs for heat pump replacement in Canada vary greatly due to the different types of installations. While some situations are simple and low-cost, there are others that will greatly add to the price. Geothermal heat pumps require excavation and digging, in some homes ductwork will need to be added or replaced and if you’re adding an electric unit to an old home you may need to upgrade your electrical panel, all of which can double or triple the cost of installation.
  • The heat pump installation price in Canada depends largely on the size of the space you want to heat or cool. A large heat pump designed to heat your whole home will add more to the installation cost than a small unit designed to heat and cool a single room.
  • You want a heat pump that will efficiently heat and cool the designated rooms of your home. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) indicates how efficiently your heat pump operates. Higher efficiency can provide you with greater energy savings over the years; however, units with higher SEER ratings and higher efficiency will have a higher initial cost.
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