How to add a denim shirt to your wardrobe

January 4, 2015

A classic denim shirt is a key piece everyone should have in their wardrobe.Though decidedly casual, denim shirts look perfect with a dress, cargo pant, blazer or even thrown over a bathing suit. Here's what you need to know about this sartorial staple.

Denim is timeless and ageless

A tried and true look, denim shirts will never go out of style. Simply choose the fit and shape that suits you best. For starters, women with especially large chests should avoid shirts with front pockets. People with rounded shoulders should opt for subtle shoulder pads, or choose a cut that emphasizes the shoulders and frame.

Don’t limit yourself to a single shirt

If you’re looking for versatility, shy away from different coloured denim. Dark, faded and stone-washed denim create very different effects. Dark blues look chic and modern, while lighter hues are easy going and more casual.

Beach-y keen

Worn as a cover over a swimsuit or sundress, a denim shirt shields you from harmful sun rays and has a distinctly relaxed Americana style. For an effortlessly cool summer look, wear it with white denim shorts, a white linen dress or over a "jumpsuit", either with the sleeves rolled up or tied around the waist.

Everyday look

  • Layer it over a subtle print, one that picks up on the colour of the shirt and you're all set for shopping, dinner or virtually any laid-back activity.
  • A neutral in its own right, denim can be paired with bright coloured pants as well as blacks, greys, whites and browns. You can pair it with cotton and chambray in another colour or with cargo pants for a pared-down look.
  • A denim shirt with a longer hem (falling just below the buttocks), looks great with rolled up sleeves, a light scarf and leggings, or suede or leather pants. Complete the look with an ankle or mid-rise boot.

At the office or happy hour

  • Transform a denim shirt into a trendy look by complementing it with a camel coat or light sweater.
  • Worn outside the trousers or tucked into a belted skirt, your denim looks great either way.
  • Try wearing it with a classic black dress pant, even if it’s a very light denim fabric. Give it a feminine touch by adding a jacket and accessorizing with jewelry.
How to add a denim shirt to your wardrobe
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