5 simple ways to add extra fibre into your daily diet

Fibre is great for you in lots of ways, from helping you feel full longer to improving digestion; here are five simple tricks to add more fibre into your diet.

5 simple ways to add extra fibre into your daily diet

1. Be whole

Whole grains are one of the best sources of fibre around. Switch out white bread and other products made with white flour for their whole grain counterparts to boost fibre content and nutrients. Breads, pastas and even brown rice all offer a lot of fibre and can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit your tastes.

2. Eat more fibre from real food

While fortified foods and fibre supplements can be helpful, start by trying to incorporate more fibre-filled foods into your meals. Fruits like apples provide fibre while also satisfying your sweet tooth. Pears and bananas also make great on-the-go snacks for a quick fibre boost.

3. Make your salads work harder

Many vegetables are a good source of fibre — you might be surprised at just how much fibre one salad can pack. Most base salad vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach, have a significant amount of fibre to begin with. Add in other high-fibre choices, like carrots or even green beans, and your lunch or dinner can help you reach your daily fibre goals.

4. Don't overlook nuts and seeds

While grains, fruits and vegetables get the most attention as sources of fibre, nuts and seeds can help, too. They also have a host of other benefits, such as antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins. Nuts can be tossed into a salad, added to desserts or you can snack on them plain. Seeds can also add variety to dishes.

5. Eat fibre at each meal

While it might be tempting to save up for a big plate of pasta at the end of the day, eating some fibre at each meal is the best way to stay satisfied throughout the day. Start with a healthy breakfast that includes whole grain bread or oatmeal or even a high-fibre cereal. Make sure your lunch has a high-fibre component as well, like legumes and leafy vegetables. You can still have some heavier grains at night, if you watch the portion sizes.

These are just a few ways to add some fibre to your diet. Start with small changes — don't increase your fibre intake too suddenly, or you might feel bloated. Experiment to see which kinds of fibre work best for your body.

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