How to barbecue a pizza in 3 easy steps

January 30, 2015

Cooking pizza on your barbecue is much simpler than you might imagine.  And the results? Heavenly! Here's how to successfully grill your next pizza in three easy steps.

How to barbecue a pizza in 3 easy steps

1. Set the stage

When it comes to grilling pizza, staging is key.

  • Although the high temperatures on your grill can make or break the pie, you needn't worry. With some care, controlling the heat is easy.

Before you grill

  • Collect utensils (spatula and tongs), olive oil and a brush, your desired toppings and spices along with your serving plates.
  • Keep everything close to the grill where you can grab them quickly.

It's easy to prep in anticipation of a delicious grilled pizza.

2. Prepare the crust

Think of pizza dough as the canvas on which you will paint a delicious masterpiece of flavour.

  • Unlike baked pizza pies, grilled pizza is assembled on dough that has already been grilled.
  • This allows you to make sure the dough is cooked through and avoid the pitfalls of a burnt or tough crust.

To make the dough

  • Begin by rolling or patting out your dough into the desired shape. Try to achieve a thickness that's not paper-thin but not so thick it will never cook through.
  • Coat liberally with olive oil on both sides using your brush or your hands.
  • Grill the pizza dough on both sides until it has set.
  • Usually, this will take two to three minutes. The dough should be firm but not crispy.

3. Add toppings to taste

Now that your canvas has been prepared, it's time to top your pizza.

  • Quickly spread your liquid elements – such as sauce, creamy cheese or oil – on the pizza dough.
  • Next, as quickly as possible, top the pizza with cheese, vegetables and other toppings.
  • The trick is to move as quickly and efficiently as possible so you get the toppings on the pizza without sacrificing it to the bottom of the grill.
  • Be careful when loading your pizza up; it should not have too many toppings, or it may break.
  • Once your toppings are on the pizza, lower the lid of the grill and bake for three to six minutes.
  • You'll know your pizza has finished grilling when it has crispy edges, and all the cheese has melted.

The last step? Cut, serve and enjoy your deliciously grilled pizza pie.


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