How to book the perfect hotel room to suit your every need

January 29, 2015

With so many kinds of hotel rooms offered, why spend extra money on one that's way more than what you'll use (or require). Here's how to book the perfect room to suit your every need.

How to book the perfect hotel room to suit your every need


Most major hotels offer a variety of options for all the travelling needs of people (and their families) on the go. From large suites that provide all the amenities of an apartment down to small, basic rooms meant for a single person or someone whose stay will be relatively short.

Suites come in several sizes, including mini, junior, and full, to offer you varying levels of features.

  • Suites offer a bedroom, small sitting area with a hide-a-bed couch, and a small kitchenette.
  • In contrast, full suites offer better defined areas, most often with doors to separate rooms, and a better-equipped kitchen and bathroom. These are well suited for couples or small families.

Single rooms are perfect If you are travelling alone or in a small group and don’t want all the amenities of a suite.

  • There are single-room options with variations on layout and bedding arrangements.
  • Single, double, triple, and quad rooms are available and named for how many people they are intended to comfortably accommodate.
  • These come with a choice of the number of beds, ranging from one to two or more, depending on the room itself, as well as the size of beds provided.
  • Twin and queen-size beds are common in these rooms. Occasionally a king size is offered if the room is large enough.

For larger groups

While suites and single rooms can be offered in a number of different layouts to handle larger groups, you may find yourself stuck with more people than a single room can handle, or part of a group where privacy is a concern, such as with couples vacations.

  • In this case, hotels that are large enough can offer adjacent rooms with a passage in between: everyone has their space, but you can still visit through a connecting doorway.

Knowing what each hotel room type offers in terms of space, amenities, and convenience can help make the decision of where and what to book much easier, and will ultimately save you money and hassle.

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