How to build stairs

August 10, 2014

Building stairs is easier than you might think and with these easy steps, you can learn how to do it yourself.
Before you begin

As is the case with any remodelling project, certain steps must be taken before undertaking the construction of your staircase.

First, educate yourself about the standards and norms of staircase construction before you start. If the standard dimensions of the stairs and railing are not met, your stairs will not be safe. Furthermore, your insurance company may also have special requirements for the dimensions of your staircase.

Next, make sure you have calculated the number of steps that are necessary to lead you to the desired floor, according to the given angle. This will avoid any surprises when setting up the stairs.

Construction of the stairs

Although there are several ways to assemble a staircase, you must follow all building methods as directed to ensure proper construction and safety.

  1. Take time to check the floor where your staircase will lead to is level. If not, make the necessary adjustments to your plan.
  2. You now need to install stringers or pieces of wood cut at a right angle that will support the weight of the steps. They must be parallel and level. It is possible to obtain pre-cut stringers or to make them yourself.
  3. Cut and place the steps on the correct location on the stringers. This part is essential, especially to properly attach the risers to the stringers. Anticipate that these steps will have a "nose" or will slightly exceed the length of stringers.
  4. The installation of ramps and handrails is required by law. Depending on the model of your ramp, you can insert wood glue into the holes where you will screw the posts to make them more solid.

Keep in mind...

During the construction process, it is a very good idea to check and double-check the measurements of the wood pieces and the dimensions you calculated. To make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan, you can make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Building spiral stairs requires a few more steps. So it is important to learn about the appropriate building methods for your project before you start the staircase.

Finally, remember the construction of an outdoor staircase differs very little from the construction of an interior staircase. In this case, variations in the construction focus mainly on the base and foundation of the stairs and the type of wood treatment to be used.

How to build stairs
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