How to buy a storage bench

Storage benches combine style with function to help keep your home or apartment organized. Find a bench that complements your décor for a practical and attractive storage solution.

How to buy a storage bench

Types of storage benches

Storage benches are available in several styles:

Entryway storage bench: Entryway benches look great and offer storage for anything you might want to grab on your way out the door, such as hats, mitts or footwear.

Bedroom storage bench: Bedroom benches are often padded for comfort, so you can relax at the end of a long day while taking off your shoes. They're often built with one large compartment to store off-season blankets, bedding and pillows.

Living room bench: Living room benches are perfect for providing extra seating when you're entertaining guests, while keeping things uncluttered and organized.

Outdoor storage bench: These benches are great for storing anything from garden tools and patio furniture cushions, to inflatable pool toys. Look for outdoor storage benches that are durable and made from weather-resistant materials.

Ottoman storage: Storage ottomans add storage without filling up a room with larger furniture.

Storage bench features

Consider available features before deciding on a bench:

  • Bench cushion: A stylish set of bench cushions make your storage bench both practical and comfortable.
  • Contoured seat: A seat that contours to your sitting position is another option to add comfort and is popular for outdoor benches.
  • Locks: Some storage benches lock for added privacy or child-proofing.
  • Cubbies: Cubbies are perfect for quick and visible storage.
  • Shelves: Shelves are easy to organize and more private than open-faced cubbies.

Factors to consider when buying a storage bench

Consider the following before purchasing a new storage bench:

  • Size: Be sure to measure your space before you purchase a storage bench to make sure it fits neatly in your home.
  • Material:Storage benches are made with different materials, such as different types of woods, composite materials, and metal. Wooden benches can come in natural styles or with different stains to suite your style. Upholstered fabric benches are also available in a variety of different styles to match your décor.
  • Storage items: Consider what you want to store in your bench when deciding what kind of compartments are best. One large compartment is best for bulkier items, while smaller compartments are best for small or loose items.
  • Style vs. storage: If storage is your priority, consider a modern bench that’s filled to the brim with cubbies and shelves. If you're looking mainly for style, an antique bench adds a nice touch to your home.

Storage benches make wonderful, multipurpose storage solutions that also add style and convenience to your living space. Consider what you want to store, along with the different types, styles and storage bench features in order to help choose one that's both practical and stylish.

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