Wine coolers: a buying guide

January 29, 2015

A good wine cooler will keep your favourite vintages at their ideal temperature. Discover the functions and features available before purchasing a wine cooler.

Wine coolers: a buying guide

Explore your options

Wine coolers are available in three types:

  1. Compressor wine cooler: These single-purpose wine refrigerators offer stable temperatures even in extreme climates.
  2. Thermoelectric wine cooler:Inexpensive, efficient and quiet while operating, they're ideal for smaller spaces.
  3. Wine chiller: For chilling single bottles of wine quickly, wine chiller sleeves are wrapped around the bottle to cool. Another type available for either red or white wines slips over the bottle neck and chills as you pour.

Important features

Consider the features available for keeping your wine safe and cool:

  • Glass door: Glass doors insulate your wine to stabilize temperature fluctuation and add UV protection.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat allows you control optimal serving temperature.
  • LED Lights: Compared to other light sources,LED lights will not harm your wine over time.
  • Lock: Wine fridges should include a lock to keep prying hands away from your collection.

Useful elements

Remember these factors to find a wine cooler that fits your needs:

  • Dual zone wine coolers: They two compartments with separate temperature controls, so you can store different types of wines (like red and white) at different temperatures.
  • UV protection: Exposure to UV radiation can damage wines in the long run, but a solid door doesn’t allow you to show off your wine collection. Consider a wine cooler with a glass door that's tinted to block UV radiation.
  • Built-in wine cooler: If you're designing a new kitchen, consider a built-in wine cooler. It can fit perfectly into your cabinetry and vent in the front so you don't need to leave open space behind it.

Other factors to consider when buying and using your wine cooler

  1. Wine storage temperature: Depending on the wine you're storing, the optimal serving temperature for your wine fridge is between 5 and 18 C.
  2. Fluctuation: A full fridge is less likely to fluctuate in temperature.
  3. Aging: Wine fridges are not designed to age wine, but some are better than others for long-term storage. If you plan on storing your wine for over a year, consider temperature fluctuation, humidity and UV protection. A wind cellar is bets for storing and aging wine for over five years.
  4. Style: To stand out or to match your kitchen decor, many wine coolers are built with attractive materials such as stainless steel or wood.

Nothing beats the style and elegance of a wine cooler. Whether you're having a quiet night at home with the family or entertaining guests, you'll be glad to have your wine stored and displayed at the perfect serving temperature.


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