How to buy the best luggage set

November 6, 2014

A great luggage set can eliminate some of the stress of travelling. An ideal set has ample storage for your belongings with additional features that make transport easy and convenient. Because a quality set is a significant investment, you should consider a few points before buying luggage for your next trip.

How to buy the best luggage set

Consider how you will carry it

The first step in buying luggage is thinking about how and where you'll carry the bags. If you'll be flying, consider whether you want to check the bag or carry it on. Passengers hoping to carry their bag on the plane will want to choose a smaller one that fits within size regulations. Size requirements may vary from one airline to another, so check for specific dimensions.

For those planning to check their luggage, size doesn't matter as much as durability and weight. Research the weight limit for checked bags on your flight, since these tend to vary, and make sure you choose a lightweight bag that won't exceed that threshold when packed. Otherwise, the airline may charge you a fee.

Also, consider handles and rolling styles. For some, carrying a bag by the handles can be cumbersome and rolling styles are ideal. Others may not enjoy having wheels on their luggage. Think about toting your luggage around an airport, and decide what makes the most sense for you.

Think about style

Function is extremely important when it comes to buying luggage, but your luggage set should also reflect your personal style. There are many designs and colours available, so you have the opportunity to purchase a set that is fun as well as practical.

You should also consider a unique design or colour, which will make your bag easier to identify at baggage carousels and the like. Consider investing in a brightly coloured or patterned bag. A unique bag may reduce the chances of someone mistaking your luggage for their own in public areas, while also saving you time checking luggage tags to identify your bag.

Set a budget

While some luggage can be excellent quality, it can also be very costly. Set a budget for yourself, then do research about bags within that price range. Many customers write online reviews of bags and will report if bags are flimsy or breakable. You can use this feedback to find the most durable, unique bag in your price range.

By considering your travel tendencies and preferences, establishing a budget and thinking about your personal style, you can buy luggage that will make travelling easier and more fun.

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