How to buy the best coffeemaker

July 22, 2014

Much like many of today’s countertop kitchen appliances, choosing the perfect coffeemaker isn’t a simple decision anymore. Pod-style? Grinder included? On-the-go cup? Here’s what you need to know to select the best coffeemaker for you.

How to buy the best coffeemaker

How much coffee do you drink?

This is a perfect starting point in your selection process of the perfect coffee maker for your needs: What are you looking to do with your coffeemaker? Do you want to brew a full pot every morning that will last? Are you a coffee aficionado who prefers fresh-ground beans? Do you live solo and simply need one or two cups a day? Knowing what you want out of a coffeemaker will help narrow down your decision.

What style should I get?

Here’s a breakdown of what kinds of coffeemakers are available:

Drip-style coffee: This is the kind of coffeemaker your parents likely had—think using filters, a glass carafe and a water reservoir you have to fill daily and that’s about it. Good for a crowd or a coffee-loving household that drinks plenty of java.

Drip-style coffee with grinder: Same as above, only with a grinder attached so you can grind your beans in the machine and spoon it into the filter for a truly fresh cup of joe.

Pod-style: These are the single-serve coffee makers that make hot coffee, fast. Good for a solo drinker, not so great for a crowd. Plastic and paper pods are inserted into a machine and hot water is forced through to brew a cup. If you’re concerned about environmental waste from the pods, many have permanent pod filters.

French press: A manual maker for true coffee lovers. Boiling water is poured over a filter full of ground coffee and by hand you press down the grounds to make a cup or two of java.

What are the add-ons?

Today’s coffeemakers come with all sorts of great features to brew your java when you want it and how you want it. Consider:

Timers: You can set these the night before so the coffee brews while you’re still in bed.

Carafes: These thermal carafes keep your coffee hotter longer. Some come with a to-go thermal cup, too.

Brewing strength: Set this feature to control how strong you like your coffee.

Size settings: Some let you set the size for two cups to 12 cups or more.

Automatic off: So you don’t have to worry about a burnt carafe if you forget to turn it off.

Whether you’re a single-cup drinker or looking for an office coffeemaker, you’re now set to brew your perfect cup.


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