4 simple and effective tips for winter skin care

Protecting your skin from the bitter winter winds and frigid cold is important, but proper care to keep it smooth and soft is about more than just covering up when the temperatures drop. These four simple tips will help you to prevent the dry and flaky skin commonly associated with winter.

4 simple and effective tips for winter skin care

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1. Moisturize and nourish skin regularly

Winter winds whip away softness and moisture, leaving the skin flaky and dry. Cold air is often dry, which dehydrates the skin. Paying extra attention to skin care during the winter months is especially important.

Exfoliate with a scrub on a weekly basis to remove dead skin cells. Remember to moisturize afterwards.

Use a moisturizer on the face and body to help nourish the skin and protect it in cold weather.

  • Choose a body lotion that contains coconut oil, green tea or grape seed and also includes antioxidants, which help to prevent damage caused by the winter sun.

Although it may seem counterintuitive in winter, sunscreen is a good choice to use year-round.

  • Apply it every day to reduce and prevent damage to your skin. Even the winter sun can cause harm to your skin, as it still emits damaging UVA and UVB rays. Worse still, snow can reflect and potentially amplify the effect of the sun's rays.
  • Check product labels before you buy a face cream or other skin product to ensure that it provides sun protection.

Be gentle
Use lukewarm or warm water instead of very hot water when showering.

  • Exposure to hot water increases the loss of moisture from the skin.

When drying your skin, always pat it dry, don't rub it.

  • Rubbing may aggravate your skin and cause it to feel rougher.

2. Care for hands and feet

During the winter, your hands are particularly vulnerable to the cold dry weather, as they are often exposed to the elements.

  • Protect them by using hand cream to prevent split skin and dry patches.
  • When you're outside, always wear warm gloves or mitts to minimize exposure to the cold – even if it's a quick dash to the car on your way to work.
  • Along with moisturizing your hands and feet daily, consider treating yourself to regular manicure and pedicure sessions, if possible.

3. Look after your lips diligently

Lips can easily get cracked and very dry during the winter, especially because they are constantly exposed to cold air and bright sun.

  • Use a lip salve when outdoors, especially when skiing or participating in other winter sports.
  • Wearing a scarf to reduce wind exposure will also help you avoid damage to your lips.

4. Remember to eat well

One of the best ways to help protect the skin regardless of the weather is to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

  • Choose fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals to protect your skin.
  • A good diet helps skin to rejuvenate and it also keeps you healthy, too.

With a few simple changes to your daily beauty and skin care routine, you'll have healthier looking skin all winter long.

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