How to choose a door lock

December 26, 2014

Whether it’s to secure your home or get a bit of privacy, you need door locks that are reliable and durable. Find more about the locks you need to keep your home secure.

How to choose a door lock

Types of door locks

Door locks come in different types for different levels of security. Here are some common locks and where they’re most effective.

Spring bolt lock: The most common lock for entrance doors, it uses a spring to hold the bolt in place. It opens when force is applied directly to the bolt.

Deadbolt lock: More secure than a spring bolt lock, deadbolts work by rotating a lock cylinder with a key. Some homes have both a spring bolt and a deadbolt lock for added security.

Keypad door locks: A programmable electronic door lock with a keypad is a convenient option for large families or people who forget their keys. Choose keypad door locks with buttons from zero to 10 and long passcodes for heightened security. Limit the number of people who know the code.

Other keyless door locks: Many keyless door locks today use fingerprints, remote controls or even smartphones for access. These electronic door locks are safest when few people and devices have access.

Push button lock: There are mechanical push button locks or digital versions. They unlock using a number code and usually have a back-up key.

Privacy handle: These lock from the inside of a bathroom or bedroom door using a simple push button or one that pushes and turns. If a child gets locked in, the lock can be released simply by inserting a pin into a hole on the outside.

Pocket door lock: Designed exclusively for pocket doors, these locks use a latch or deadbolt to keep the door closed and locked.

Factors to consider when buying a door lock

Most door locks are made of metal in glossy or satin finishes. They can be ornate or simple, depending on the style of your home. Look for brass for a classic look or stainless steel or chrome for a polished contemporary look.

For the front and back doors of your home, consider locksets that offer the most security. The door itself needs to be strong enough to withstand break-in attempts, and a steel door is more secure than a wooden one. The lock should be attached with heavy long screws into reinforced doors and doorframes.

Whatever level of security you require in locks throughout your home, you’ll have hundreds of choices so you can match a lockset to your décor style, inside and out.

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