How to find the perfect home-office desk

Finding the best home-office desk comes down to keeping attributes such as storage, surface area and layout in mind.

How to find the perfect home-office desk

Office desks come in a variety of styles, so you'll want to choose one that provides the functionality you need.

Consider your needs

The layout and storage capabilities are integral parts of how an office desk functions.

  • A simple desk with a few drawers is perfect for someone who only needs a spot to check email or spends a few minutes a day with online activity. A small desk of this type can sit in a corner of a bedroom or kitchen.

However, if you're working from home, you'll need an office desk that provides ample storage space.

  • You'll likely need room for a printer and filing cabinets.
  • Office desks can come in multiple units allowing you to mix and match for your needs.

Desk storage features

Desk storage features vary to suit a range of needs.

The L-shaped desk

  • You may prefer an L-shaped desk that allows you to keep a storage cabinet for easy access to files on one side.
  • An L-shape also provides more desk space, which you may need for a keyboard, monitor, outgoing mail, pens and that cup of coffee to keep you motivated.

Desk drawers

Desk drawers are another storage feature to consider.

  • Perhaps you would rather keep certain items off your desktop to keep it orderly.
  • Thin desk drawers provide organization and easy storage for items you need at your fingertips but don't want to litter the top of your desk.
  • Consider what they will be used for, as well as your organizing style to know how many and what size drawers you need in your desk.

Overhead storage

Another option is overhead storage.

  • These shelves sit above the desk, facing you.
  • They are ideal to store reference books, cameras and other electronics you need for your office and even for personal mementos.

Office desk style

Once you know the type of office desk you need, consider the style.

  • Do you want a modern look?

A glass-topped table with black metal structure will fit that aesthetic.

  • A traditional office desk with a wood finish works well in most home offices, as it integrates well with other traditional furniture.
  • Your office desk style should coordinate with the overall style of your home.

Office chair

The office chair is the next most important component after the desk.

  • You can get away with an inexpensive chair if you're just sitting in it a few minutes out of the day.
  • However, if you spend hours in a desk chair, ensure it supports your lower back. Ergonomic desk chairs cost more, but your back will thank you for it.

By utilizing these tips, you'll find a home office desk that provides ample storage and helps you work.

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