How to choose a snowboard that shreds the slopes

December 22, 2014

With the first flurries, snowboarders start getting that little spike of joy in the gut that means action time is near. If you’re ready to join them, then your first step is to choose a snowboard that’ll let you face the slopes or the terrain park with confidence. Here are some tips to get you oriented.

What’s your style?

Before you choose a snowboard, you need to figure out which kind of snowboarding you’re going to be doing. Are you a fan of downhill speed, or would you rather try out your acrobatic talents? The activity you’re drawn to will determine the kind of board you need.

  • All-mountain. This type of snowboard is the most common because it’s suitable for most kinds of terrain, especially downhill. Good all-mountain boards are designed for speed and performance rather than complex movements.
  • Freestyle. These boards are okay anywhere, if you don’t mind a bit less stability, but their features really shine in terrain parks. Freestyle snowboarders need equipment that facilitates tricks and box and rail riding. Good twin-tip freestyle boards are shorter and offer better handling and dynamism.

Get it right

If you’re not sure how much you weigh, you’re going to have to brave the scales. Next, consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart for your height and weight. Also, if your shoe size is bigger than a men’s 11 or a women’s 10, get a wider board so you won’t have any toe or heel drag. And pick a board that’s intended for your gender, because men and women don’t have the same needs when it comes to flexibility and camber.

About flexibility

The flex of a board has an impact on its performance. More rigid boards are faster, but flexible boards offer more control and thus are better suited to beginners. Freestyle shred sticks are also much more flexible than downhill boards.

Ask for advice

You now have several avenues to consider before you choose a snowboard. If you’re unsure about which kind of equipment to invest your hard-earned money in, talk to a pro at a sports shop or ski boutique. Check out the online forums for tips from snowboard addicts. You can also rent equipment for a while so you can figure out where your snowboarding passions lie.

How to choose a snowboard that shreds the slopes
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