How to choose an electric shaver

July 29, 2015

A good electric shaver can easily last ten years. The six important factors to consider when buying are brand name, motor speed, trial period, comfort factor, battery features and corded models versus cordless. Here's more information to help with your decision-making:

How to choose an electric shaver

Brand name

  • Stick with a known, quality brand name with fewer features rather than a lesser-known brand with lots of bells and whistles.
  • All models of a specific brand line shave identically.
  • The cost increases with added features, like a charging base with cleaning function or an LCD panel that provides data on charge status and maintenance. You'll get just as good a shave without them.
  • Another great money-saving idea: Look for discontinued or refurbished models of your favourite shaver.

Motor speed

  • Look for a motor speed of 10,000 or faster (meaning the blades move back and forth 10,000 times per minute).
  • Faster blades mean a closer shave and less irritation. Slower models cost less but take longer to use and do not do as good a job.

Trial period

  • Buy a shaver that has at least a 30-day (and preferably a 60-day) money-back guarantee.
  • It takes about 30 days for your face to adjust to a new shaver, so an adequate initial adjustment period is essential before you can tell if the shaver is right for you.

Comfort factor

Make sure the shaver feels comfortable in your hand. It should not vibrate excessively or be annoyingly noisy.

Battery features

In a cordless rechargeable shaver, look for a quick-charge option and a long charge life so that you won't have to worry that it will quit before it finishes the job.

Corded models

  • If you're really intent on buying to keep a shaver as long as possible, get a corded-only model as your primary shaver — you won't have to worry about dying batteries.
  • Rechargeable shavers are fine for travel, as are some cheaper shavers that use ordinary removable batteries.
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