Understanding the meaning of sympathy flower arrangements

November 24, 2014

There are no hard-and-fast rules to sending sympathy flower arrangements, but it can be helpful to know which flowers best express your sentiment.Here’s the possible meaning behind traditional sympathy flowers to help you select an appropriate arrangement to send.

Lilies. These beautiful, delicate flowers are often associated with funerals as they represent the restoration of the soul’s innocence after death. White lilies also represent majesty and purity.

Carnations. Also a popular choice for sympathy arrangements, carnations have a wide range of colours and meanings that can fit the occasion. Pink carnations represent remembrance, while white means pure love and innocence.

Roses. These versatile flowers are not just for showing love on Valentine’s Day; they also represent respect and courage. White roses represent reverence, humility and innocence. Pink roses mean love and grace.

Chrysanthemums. White chrysanthemums are the symbol of death, lamentation and grief in many cultures and are often a part of sympathy arrangements.

Forget-me-nots. The name of these really says it all. They are the flower that means “remember me forever” and can be the perfect addition to a funeral flower arrangement.

Orchid plant. This plant represents delicate beauty and is also a gesture of sympathy. With the orchid flower, pink and white are usually the colours associated with sorrow.

Hydrangea plant. This gift will last longer than a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. The beautiful flowers can easily planted in almost any outdoor soil to bloom annually.

Daffodils. These bright, beautiful flowers represent rebirth and new beginnings. They can bring encouragement and hope to those grieving with loss. Be sure to bring as a bunch or part of a larger bouquet, as a single bloom can symbolize misfortune.

Bonsai planters. Although not technically a sympathy flower arrangement, some people prefer to send a more lasting gift. The bonsai tree symbolizes the renewal of life and can be kept indoors or planted at the cemetery if there is a designated area for memory trees.

Understanding the meaning of sympathy flower arrangements
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