Choose the right flooring for your room

December 23, 2014

When it comes to flooring, you have lots of options. Before you choose, think about each room and how you'll be using it.

Choose the right flooring for your room

The right floor can make or break a room, and drastically change the look and feel of your home. There are many different types of flooring options, from hardwood to bamboo, carpet to area rugs, ceramic tiles to marble and laminate to linoleum. You can use the same one throughout your entire home, or vary the flooring by room.

When choosing flooring, you should consider how you'll be using the room. For example, is it for sitting or sleeping, eating or entertaining? Also think about how much foot traffic there is, the amount of abuse the floor will take in the form of spills and scratches, as well as the lighting in the room.

A room-by-room guide to choosing flooring

Bedrooms. These are the coziest, most intimate spaces of your home, so choose flooring that will make you feel most comfortable. Carpet or area rugs are a good choice, but if you have children or pets, just be sure to choose ones that can withstand stains and are hypoallergenic.

Living room and den. These are spaces where you will be relaxing, entertaining, or both, so you want a floor that will add warmth and invite people to sit and get comfortable. Area rugs are a great way to define spaces, add coziness and colour and tie in the décor of the room.

Kitchen. This is probably the room that will have the most foot traffic and floor abuse. Be sure to choose flooring that's both strong and durable, yet comfortable enough to stand on for long stretches of time. Hardwood is softer, while a concrete or tile floor can be harder on your body.

Bathroom. A watertight surface is most important here. Choose something that is easy to clean. This is a room where you might want to choose a less expensive flooring option, since you won’t be spending as much time in it.

Dining room. Consider the décor and size of the room. For example, in a more formal dining room, you may want to put an area rug under the table, while in a more casual setting, a simple hardwood or bamboo will look clean and contemporary. Be sure to choose a material that can withstand spills and is easy to clean.

Playroom.The flooring here needs to accomplish a lot. It should be be cozy enough to sit on, good to play on, and most of all, easy to clean. If you choose carpet, make sure it’s a durable type that can withstand spills and wear and tear. If you choose hardwood, pick a harder variety that can stand up to scratches and dents.

Entrance/mudroom. Durability and strength is key here. The floor needs to be at once welcoming to guests and repelling to dirt, enabling you to easily wipe up mud, snow, rain, sand, dirt and other debris trekked in from outside.

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