How to choose the best place to retire

November 3, 2015

Choosing where to retire is a major life decision and impacts how you spend your golden years. You'll want to do thorough research before choosing and visit a few you might like. Here are a few other tips that will steer you to the perfect community.

How to choose the best place to retire

Factors involved in choosing a retirement community

Many senior citizens eventually find they need a more specialized environment in which to live that offers services and benefits designed for the elderly, but it takes planning and research to find a great retirement community.

  • Not all retirement communities are the same, and some are little more than warehouses for the elderly.
  • Finding the right one will make a big difference in the quality of life experienced.
  • Unfortunately, many people don't take the time to research potential retirement communities to ensure a good fit.

Good retirement communities promote independence

  • Choosing to move into a retirement community can help ensure the welfare and general happiness of retirees while helping them connect with people of similar ages and interests.
  • The right retirement community will promote independent living as much as possible, such as allowing residents to prepare their own meals, schedule their own activities and drive themselves to and from destinations so long as they can do so safely.

Examine more than just the facilities

Many retirement communities look great from the outside and have attractive interiors, but that does not mean the residents are generally happy.

  • When looking for a good fit, it's important to assess the specific needs and interests of the retiree.
  • Some retirement communities specialize in particular types of residents, such as former engineers, artists, military or other occupations.
  • Choosing one that has many residents with similar backgrounds can help to increase the odds of meaningful interactions with other residents and the potential for new friendships and relationships.

Quality of life offered is important

Unless a retiree is immobilized and not likely to leave his or her room without help, finding a retirement community that offers extracurricular activities that match the interests of the retiree will help to make a big difference in overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

  • Communities offering art, music and physical activities, such as yoga or swimming, help keep the residents active and engaged.
  • Unfortunately, not all retirement places offer such activities free of charge, so it is important to check the activities offered.
  • The more that is included in the cost of living in a retirement community, the more affordable and enjoyable it can be for its residents.
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