How to choose the right fitness activities for your lifestyle

November 10, 2014

Whatever your level of fitness, your goals and your interests, it’s important to exercise within your abilities.
You may want to have the body of a Brazilian soccer player, but unfortunately you’ve got that bad hamstring, so soccer is out of the question. How can you find the right kind of physical activity for your lifestyle? Below are a few tips to answer that very question.
Consult your doctor
If you are concerned about physical limitations like obesity, heart and lung problems or a physical injury, your doctor can help you form a fitness plan. Be sure to stick to their advice and don’t overdo it.

It’s important for every exercise program to include a combination of cardiovascular activity to raise the heart rate (think of talking, jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking and aerobics), paired with strength-training (weights) and stretching.
Current level of fitness
When starting a new fitness program, it’s important to know your current levels of fitness. If you are considering joining a gym, take advantage of their personal assessment programs that they offer new members.

It’s important to start off slow and reasonable. An injury or intense pain after the first day can easily sabotage your plans. Keep the exercise moderate and slowly increase as you get stronger.
Take a look at your life
In order to decide what activities suit your lifestyle, you need to look at your habits and way of living. If you have been sedentary and just need to get out of the house for 30 minutes a day, walking might be the best bet.

If you have an insanely busy work/life schedule and have a hard time fitting in a trip to the gym, perhaps an at-home 10-minute workout in the morning and again in the evening fits the bill.

Do you live in a cold climate? Perhaps running outdoors isn’t for you. If you're in a warm climate, perhaps hiking and cycling is more of a match.

Take a close look at the reality of your lifestyle to see what exercise program makes the most sense.
What do you like doing?
There’s no point joining a gym if you absolutely hate being in one. You won’t go and you’ll waste your money. Determine what you like and design a fitness program around that. If you're a fan of the outdoors, sign up for outdoor bootcamps or find a hiking buddy. If you enjoy being social, join a running club or take dance classes.
What are your goals?
Do you want to improve flexibility? Then perhaps a yoga class or Tai chi is the answer. Do you want to tone and sculpt muscle? Maybe a personal trainer will keep you on track. If your goal is to lose weight, then calorie-burning aerobic activities are a must.

Starting an exercise program is tough enough. Make it easier on yourself by having a plan that you can enjoy and stick with.

How to choose the right fitness activities for your lifestyle
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