How to choose the right awning fabric

Whether for a backyard party or store front business, the right awning can help establish your desired atmosphere. Follow the below tips for choosing the right awning fabric for your needs.

How to choose the right awning fabric


Cotton has been the popular choice for awnings in the past. Generally, it is the most breathable and environmentally-friendly option out of all types of fabrics. However, cotton is not waterproof, which means you'll have to regularly seal it with waterproofing chemicals.


Acrylic is the most durable fabric for awnings; it does not easily rot or fade, and it repels water. If you are living in a hot climate or your awning will be regularly exposed to harsh elements, this type of awning fabric is an excellent choice. The main disadvantage of acrylic is the price. You need to shell out more money in exchange for durability.


Polyester is the middle ground between cotton and acrylic. It's not as durable as acrylic, but it does provide some breathability. This fabric has become popular in recent years, due to the wide range of coatings that are available for polyester.

Vinyl-laminated polyester

Vinyl-laminated polyester is a good choice if you live in a very humid area. This material is mildew-, flame-, and water-resistant due to its vinyl coating (PVC). In addition, it partially blocks the entry of UV rays to your home or building, and it does not tear or stretch easily. This material is more translucent than acrylic, making it an excellent choice for establishments that use illuminated awnings.

Acrylic-coated polyester

Acrylic-coated polyester provides the same benefits as acrylic awnings. This stretch-resistant fabric is also weatherproof, which makes it an excellent choice if you live in a rainy or tropical area. However,  this material is not water- or flame-resistant like vinyl-laminated polyester.

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