How to choose the right hotel

October 31, 2014

Looking for the right hotel room for your needs? Read on to find out more about the secrets of selection.

When you're on vacation, you want to relax. But that can be difficult to achieve if your hotel is dirty, uncomfortable or in a poor location. By making sure you choose the right hotel, you can ensure the rest of your vacation is unfettered by worrying about where you have to sleep at night. Read on for a few of the little known factors that smart travellers consider when choosing their hotels.

How to choose the right hotel

Choose your hotel with your itinerary in mind

Sure, maybe you can save a few bucks by choosing a hotel on the outskirts of town, but are you really going to want to spend your valuable vacation time driving back and forth between where you're lodging and where you actually want to be?

  • If you have a firm idea of your itinerary before you book a hotel, you can make sure your hotel fits in with your overall plans.

Set a budget before you choose a hotel

Many people book hotels with a price range in mind, but these numbers aren't always based on an actual vacation budget.

  • Activities, travel expenses and food are all expenses you'll want to account for before you book a hotel.
  • Do it the other way around and you may find yourself coming up short on funds at the end of your vacation.

Consider all your options before you choose a hotel

Have you really considered all your options?

  • Is there a night on your vacation when you might have a fun time staying on a campground?
  • Is there a bed and breakfast you'd like to try?

Make sure you consider all your lodging options before you book a room for the week. You might find some gems you hadn't considered.

Read the reviews online, both good and bad

Online reviews are a great thing, but just because the good reviews far outnumber the bad doesn't mean you shouldn't read them.

  • Sometimes negative reviewers will pick up on particular experiences or situations relevant to you.
  • Make sure you read plenty of feedback before you book your stay.

It is within walking distance of main attractions?

Earlier, itinerary was mentioned as a factor in choosing your hotel. But what about being able to explore easily without a plan in mind?

  • You may find that some of the best parts of your vacation happen when you explore the area by foot, which makes it particularly useful to be staying at a hotel that is within walking distance of main attractions.
  • Be sure to consider which attractions and sites are within easy walking distance when you book your stay.

What to do if you choose a bad hotel

You tried your best, but still wound up with a stinker! What can you do now? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Check to see what alternative lodging is in the area
  • If you're booked for multiple nights, see how many you can cancel before there's a penalty
  • Write down everything you dislike and address it with management
  • If management is unresponsive, leave a detailed but unemotional review online about your experiences

With a little planning, some foresight and consideration of the information that's available, you can find a hotel that will enhance your vacation experience.

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