How to choose the right snow shovel

January 13, 2015

Snow removal can be time consuming and back-breaking work. This guide will show you the types of shovels that are available and how they can save you and your back this winter.

How to choose the right snow shovel

Types of snow shovels

18- to 25-inch shovels: This shovel is perfect for shovelling and scooping snow. Fewer inches make it easier to lift the shovel, reducing back strain. However, wider sizes will pick up more snow and get the job done quicker.

25- to 35-inch shovels: These wide shovels are best for pushing and collecting large amounts of snow quickly.

Collapsible snow shovel: These shovels are a great item to have in your car to get you out of a jam. They are often adjustable and easy to unfold.

Electric snow shovel: Electric snow shovels act like mini snow blowers, throwing snow a few feet in order to clear your driveway without needing a heavy machine. They're extremely lightweight compared to most snow blowers, so they can be handled and maneuvered easily.

Snow shovel features

Take a look at shovel features before purchasing:

  • Shovel handle: The handle at the end of the shovel allows you to maneuver the shovel when throwing and pushing snow. Some shovels and electric shovels have a second handle about halfway down the shaft for superior control.
  • Ergonomic shaft: Some shovels have a shaft that is bent to ergonomically divert stress away from your back, making shovelling easier and less likely to injure.
  • Shovel blade: Wider blades are built to push snow, while skinnier blades are ideal for throwing it.
  • Wheel: Some shovels are equipped with wheels for easy snow removal without the heavy lifting.

Factors to consider when buying a snow shovel

Material: Metal and fibreglass shovels are strong but heavy, making them better for larger people. A shovel with lighter materials like wood or plastic are better suited for smaller people.

Ergonomics: The ergonomics of a shovel are determined by the handle and shaft as well as the shovel's width. A wide shovel without a proper handle and shaft may leave you throwing too much snow while putting excess stress on your back and joints.

Size: The size of a shovel should be determined by the height of its user. If you're tall, consider a longer shovel so that you get the most out of your labour.

Make your winter easier with the proper shovel. Whether it's a light shovel for clearing a pathway or a power shovel for getting through a thick patch of snow, you'll be glad you have the right shovel for the job.

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