Choosing the right Valentine's Day flowers for your relationship

Buying a bouquet of flowers for your special someone on Valentine’s Day can be stressful. After all, flowers can say so much and messing it up isn't an option. Here’s some advice for making the right choice.

Choosing the right Valentine's Day flowers for your relationship

Did you know that different flowers have various meanings? For example: although you may love her dearly, giving a striped carnation means “Sorry, I can’t be with you.” To help you avoid this kind of gaffe, here are some hints on what kind of Valentine’s Day flowers and arrangements are suitable for any stage in a relationship.

You've just met

This is the trickiest stage. You really like each other. There’ve been a few dates with the promise of more. Your tummy goes all goofy when they text you.

  • Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to give them flowers, but you don’t want to smother them in a pile of long stemmed roses.
  • Try going for charm over romance. Keep the flower arrangement small and with a bright variety of colours, something that says, “I’m thinking of you, but no pressure.”

Suggested flower: Yellow tulip.
Meaning: There’s sunshine in your smile.

The honeymoon phase

At this point you can really do no wrong. You could buy them a gas station plastic rose in a tube and they’d think you were adorably whimsical.

  • However, this is a chance to go big. Score points. Declare your love. Send them something that makes their single friends wish you had a dateable sibling.

Suggested flower: Red rose (two dozen)
Meaning: Love; I love you (two dozen)

Recently married

They say that the first year of marriage can be the toughest, so you probably have some making up to do.

  • Put together a large "apology" bouquet that includes the following flowers:

Suggested flower: Daffodil
Meaning: Respect; regard; unrequited love; you're the only one; the sun is always shining when I’m with you.

Suggested flower: Bells of Ireland
Meaning: Good luck

Married for an eternity

At this point, they’ve seen every flower, eaten every chocolate and sold every cute stuffed animal in a garage sale. They’d rather you’d remember to fill the ice cube tray and not put it back in the freezer empty than remember Valentine’s Day.

  • Change it up and surprise them with something that says, “Hey, I’m not always so prickly!”

Suggested flower: Cactus
Meaning: Endurance

Time to say goodbye

You may have reached the end of the road as a couple for no other reason than "just because", but you still want to spend Valentine's Day together without any tears or drama.

  • Think of a bouquet that doesn't require you to remortgage your house or send the wrong message.

Suggested flower: Begonia
Meaning: Beware!

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