How to clean your windows the right way

April 15, 2021

Windows are the eyes of your home and keeping them sparkling clean can help improve your outdoor view and bring more natural light into your house. This comprehensive window cleaning how-to features helpful tips and advice on how to get your windowpanes spotless and streak-free.

How to clean your windows the right way

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The importance of window cleaning

You likely know that window washing should be included in your regular household cleaning routine but keeping your windows crystal clear is even more important than you might think. Regular window cleaning improves your home’s curb appeal and also protects this expensive investment from long-term damage. Windowpanes are porous, which means airborne pollutants and dirt particles can build up over time and weaken the integrity of the glass. Homeowners can prevent cracking and prolong the lifespan of their windows by sticking to a regular cleaning schedule.

How often should you clean your windows?

Experts recommend cleaning your home’s windows every six months – ideally in the spring and fall. If you live in a busy urban area or your neighbourhood is surrounded by trees that produce sap and pollen, you may want to clean windows even more frequently. Timing is important, and so is the weather. It’s always best to wash exterior windows on an overcast day; direct sunlight and high temperatures will cause your cleaning solution to dry before you have a chance to wipe it off, which can result in unwanted streaks and water spots.

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Use the right equipment

Store-bought window cleaners are expensive and contain harmful chemical ingredients, so why not make your own DIY cleaning solution at home? Start with a bucket of warm water and add a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid or use distilled white vinegar if you need to cut through serious grime. Cleaning your windows with paper towels can leave smudges and residue on the glass. Instead, apply your cleaning solution windowpane and wipe with a lint-free microfibre towel or a rubber-edged squeegee blade, working your way from top to bottom for a streak-free finish. If you need to spot-treat individual smudges and stains, apply a drop of vinegar and then wipe away with a soft towel.

Cleaning exterior windows

Wondering how to tackle your home’s hard-to-reach exterior windows? If you want to give your dirty outoor windowpanes a good scrub down, here are a few options that don’t involve climbing up a ladder:

  • Window cleaning magnet: this handy double-sided plastic tool features two strong magnets that stick to one another through the glass, allowing you to clean both the inside and outside of your windows simultaneously.
  • Telescopic window washing pole: scrub up-high windowpanes while safely on the ground using an extendable pole. Strong-yet-lightweight telescopic rods can be extended up to 20-feet and lock in place with a simple twisting mechanism. The helpful device features an ergonomic handle at the bottom and can be fitted with a variety of cleaning attachments.
  • Window cleaning services: there’s no doubt hiring a professional window cleaning service will save you time and hassle while ensuring your windows are spotless. If you don’t have the right tools or energy to tackle window cleaning yourself, a window cleaning service is the way to go and provides a great return on investment.
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