How to create a piece of custom jewellery that says "wow!"

November 24, 2014

Wearing made-to-measure jewellery is a way to define your identity. Here’s how to create a piece of custom jewellery that says "wow" and tells the world who you are and how you live.
Show your colors

You’ll need to find a jeweller or craftsperson to be your accomplice in creating the custom jewellery you have in mind. Whether your dream is small, extravagant, showy or reveals your more daring side, a jewellery designer will first want to get to know you before she or he helps you work out the details for your one-of-a-kind piece. Those details include:

  • Type of jewellery
  • Symbolism
  • Shape and dimensions
  • Style
  • Materials to be used
  • Color palette
  • Whether to add a gemstone

The agreement

With your specifications in hand, the jeweller can make a sketch on paper or with design software. The goal is to give you a clear idea of how your project might turn out and help you both see if any changes should be made.

  • At this stage, the craftsperson should specify the cost of your custom jewellery and how long you can expect to wait for it.

What's more, the jeweller may also be willing to create the piece without obligating you to buy the finished product.

  • Unless your design features an expensive gemstone or a personalized element, he or she may be able to sell the object in-store if you decide it’s not what you were hoping for. It’s worth asking about an open-ended deal like this.

A rare pearl

Once you give your collaborator the green light, the jeweller will get to work on producing this unique piece of jewellery borne of your own imagination. If you’ve both agreed on some clearly defined terms and if you’ve chosen a worthy jeweller whose other pieces you appreciate, you can await the outcome without any worries.

If your wallet’s not lined with gold

Offering custom jewellery as a gift—or treating yourself—is not going to be like buying a trinket at the department store jewellery counter. But when you think about all the cheap jewellery you've ever purchased on the spur of the moment and barely worn, isn’t it better to break into the piggy bank for something that will be well-made and last a long time?

One way to reduce the jeweller’s bill is to rummage through your jewellery box for pieces that can be upcycled into new jewellery. You might, after all, have on hand a little heirloom that just needs a bit of a boost. A piece of upcycled jewellerycan let you wear something you’ve always treasured, but found too fuddy-duddy to fit with your style.

Get more for your money

With the advent of e-commerce, jeweller artisans now have to compete with virtual stores. But beware of false claims; many sites offer “custom” jewellery that’s already made and ready to receive an engraving or stamp. A craftsperson will tell you that this isn’t real made-to-measure jewellery. A personalized engraving doesn’t make it an original design, and it won’t have the same value as a real custom piece.

Get creative and have fun shopping!

How to create a piece of custom jewellery that says
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