DIY centrepiece floral arrangements for your wedding

November 20, 2014

Looking for the perfect centrepieces for your upcoming wedding? Here’s how to fashion your own flower arrangements to make the centre of your table bloom.

DIY centrepiece floral arrangements for your wedding

The ceremony will be perfect. The kiss will be perfect. The centrepieces of your and your guests’ tables at your wedding will also be perfect. But how to do it? If you've got a knack for floral arranging, here’s how to make your own floral centrepieces.

Simple tips

Start with the vessel

Using a series of clear, uniformly shaped vases to hold your flowers adds a sense of unity to the room and is a classic look for weddings. But who says you have to be uniform?

If you want to do something different, swap out vases for more unique items to hold your flowers. Here are some other ideas for your vessels, including vases of varying heights, steel buckets, ceramic planters, teapots, mason jars and water carafes.

Now what?

Once you've got your vessels, start thinking of unique and beautiful approaches to assembling flowers. You could try:

  • Grouping colours: Arrange different kinds of flowers together that are all the same hue—think red roses, red tulips, and even red carnations along with some foliage.
  • Thinking by season: Spring wedding? Tulips or lilies might be your flower of focus to feature in the centrepieces. Fall? You might look for flowers that are deep red or orange in hue and mix them with fall-themed items such as apples, leaves, or pumpkins.
  • The star of the show: If your heart is set on featuring your single favourite bloom, keep it simple and wrap a small bouquet of it to feature at each table — think hydrangeas, Gerbera daisies, roses, orchids and more.
  • Go for drama: Create a striking effect by grouping together contrasting flower colours, such as yellow and white tulips, or even styles of flower—think wildflowers with roses.
  • Mix it up: If you prefer unfussy, colourful centrepieces, arrange them with multiple coloured blooms or wildflowers. Don’t forget to vary the height of the flowers as well to keep the look interesting.

Final tips

Stock up on supplies such as floral foam, floral tape and wire and scissors to ensure you pull off the centrepieces you want.

Also, this isn't a task to do the day of your wedding. Do it the night before and store the arrangements in a cool, shady place such as a garage. If it really must be a “day-of” project, hand it over to a few willing volunteers so you can focus on yourself on this special day.

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