Say goodbye to stains: 3 best dry carpet cleaning methods

November 23, 2014

Compared to the wet method, dry carpet cleaning is faster, cheaper and reduces residual dampness. So say goodbye to stains: here are the three best dry carpet cleaning methods.
Dry carpet cleaning tips

Dry carpet cleaning is usually performed with special machines and newer chemicals that remove dirt, debris and allergens.

  • They create little or no moisture.

Before any dry carpet cleaning, make sure to always clean up spills as quickly as possible.

  • This will decrease the risk of permanent stains and prevent the spill from soaking deep into the carpet fibers.

With dry carpet cleaning, some type of pre-treatment or pre-conditioner (modified detergent) is sprayed onto the carpet prior to using the dry carpet cleaning machine.

  • These chemicals dissolve or break up the grease particles, which are later removed by vacuuming.
  • The carpet is pre-treated for 5-15 minutes because the brushing provides added agitation and dispersion of the chemical.

Bonnet is an acceptable method to maintain a carpet’s clean in between formal cleanings.

  • In this method, the cleaning chemical is mixed with a small amount of carbonated water, which is then lightly sprayed on the carpet as a mist.
  • Following this, a buffer device or “bonnet” is used to scrub the carpet in a rotating manner. The cleaning mixture and carbonation helps lift dirt particles from the carpet.
  • The bonnet method is safer and removes any topsoil and other debris.
  • The negative is that it takes time and only cleans the carpet superficially, as it doesn’t reach the deep layers.

Dry Foam is another technique that is similar to the carpet shampoo technique.

  • The scrubbing is done in a strong circular manner after application of the foam chemical.
  • The dry foam prevents wetness and after the scrubbing, there is very little dirt left over.
  • Most dry foam carpet cleaning systems have a vacuum that helps remove residual debris.

Dry Powder is a method where the cleaning solution plus dry powder is evenly spread on the carpet.

  • The carpet is scrubbed with a brush where there is dirt, stains or other grime. The powder is then vacuumed and the results are immediate.
  • There is no drying time and walking on the carpet can be done immediately.
  • However, like the bonnet method, this technique also only cleans the top carpet surface.

Be proactive

Try to vacuum your carpet at least once a week, as this will prevent dirt and debris from getting too deep inside the carpet.

  • Use a vacuum with strong suction and a decent rotation brush to lessen any soil build-up.
  • If you want to remove a spot, do not scrub from the centre to the outside of the spot, but from outside to inside.

In general, regular cleaning of carpets will increase their longevity. For carpets in areas of light traffic, you may clean once every 6-12 months, while in areas of heavy traffic, once a month is necessary.

Say goodbye to stains: 3 best dry carpet cleaning methods
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